Amanda Hugginkiss (toxic_illusion) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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Are there any good trivia games to play via web browser, ontd? I’m organizing a happy hour for work and my manager wants to do trivia, but I’m looking to see if there’s a good trivia site before I buy the trivia jackbox game
Maybe Kahoot! ? It took me ages to remember it bc I only know it from this

Good news: Getting this tooth pulled won't cost more than 275$, and it could be less :D

I have to sell some things (mainly my more expensive Funkos), and I also set up a Fiverr account to do some simple proofreading for people. Nothing more than 5$, all money is received with joy.
Yay bb!! What kinda funkos do you have?

Also I’m having that dope coffee and it’s so good! Can’t wait to use the face wash I got, too
I have some that are worth 200$ but I like them too much :c I'm currently selling this HTTYD 2 HT exclusive Toothless (it's metallic) that sells for as high as like 55$, which would be a great help, so I started it at 27$ to auction.

Now I wish I had bought more MLP:FIM stuff bc I sold those for a killing.

& AWESOME! I'm glad you like it ^_^ what face wash did you get?


11 months ago

wtf at that tweet
are there enough $5B startups that people can't figure out who it is?
welP. I was not expecting to be asked back to work so soon ngl!

My first day back is Monday. A little nervous bc I feel so out of practice and I'll be not only working w/some of upper management but also the owners sdkfljlfas. I'm supposed to get an email detailing everything soon.

ig we're getting sneeze guards, which i'm grateful for. But I am still worried, but I hope we will all be safe as can be.
Hope everything goes well! I hope you're allowed to wear a mask?
yes! theyre gonna be mandatory for everyone which is good. we can even wear gloves if we want.


11 months ago

:( I'm sorry, I hope you'll be OK
Texas sucks


11 months ago


May 22 2020, 17:04:02 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:05:29 UTC

I just found a lizard in my math room and I spent the last 20 minutes trying to coerce him into a little bucket so I could get him outside.

He went and hid behind a pipe so I can't reach him anymore.

I just want to help him out because he seems lethargic! I have no food in here, little guy!

I mean, look at him!
[Spoiler (click to open)]

what a cute little buddy
Omg is it the pic or is he kind of big
It's the pic. He allowed me to get that close. He's probably only like 6-7 inches long
Where do you live?


11 months ago

Is it really a feud if it's one-sided? (I can't imagine half these people responding to her, like Beyonce.) But yeah what a list lol.
it's real depressing. a bop machine and a beef machine.
also I KNEW I would be asked soon bc I JUST started really getting into a good routine of waking up early, working out, studying and I had my best day writing in a long time thursday. lmao.

Deleted comment

ordered some masks from stay home club's release today to help a smaller biz and luckily ordered in time bc they sold out in like 5 mins

Barq's root beer heiress: “My fingernails are breaking, I’ve got hangnails, I’ve been getting my nails done for 14 years … I’m very much into yoga, I can’t go to my Bikram yoga studios, I can’t go get my eyelashes done, I can’t go and socialize with the people that are my friends,” said Mississippian Hillary Angel Barq. “It’s led me to depression, it’s made me not feel sexual — I mean it’s awful."

got her hair cut by: Scurlock, a former candidate for mayor in New Orleans and heir to an inflatable bounce house fortune, was arrested in 2017 for allegedly masturbating in the backseat of an Uber in California, for which he pled no contest in 2018, according to a report in the Times-Picayune.

The South is not sending their best.
I wonder if he grew up in an inflatable bounce mansion.
These people are absolute trash. They want OTHERS to get back to work to serve them.
Wait...Williamsburg VA? Why would you travel that far to be an ass?
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, but they're from out-of-town so your question stands

(to support Trump and be assholes)
fucking die
omg yess close to me, let me go explore and see some of these assholes and curse them out!!!!
lolol well i miss my yoga and my threading and i've felt depressed too but it's a fuckin pandemic sis. you can't protest a virus.


11 months ago


11 months ago

oh my god, how can she possibly live without getting her eyelashes done, somebody call the emergency services
Oh my god
Taking a work survey and I need help with this one:
"What is the biggest challenge you have faced whilst working from home?"

I think I need to give something, but it can't be big enough that they will stop working from home any time soon. I want wfh to have the best rep. Any bullshit to answer this with?
Something about missing the fun of being around each other, but that it’s not that bad because you can still laugh with each other during video calls and apps like slack?
Oooh!! Using this! Thank you!


11 months ago

"the opportunity to collaborate with coworkers in informal, impromptu settings"?


11 months ago

talk about your physical health / comfort re: your workstation... ergonomics etc
Sooo how do we feel about the rain on me video?
Strom Thurmond's favorite Democrat at it again.

Note that when he says "or Trump" he's also including people who won't vote for either presidential candidate, even if they vote downballot.

of all the options we had we picked this man


May 22 2020, 17:23:16 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:37:51 UTC

He's such a fucking piece of shit - he came out ad admitted his policies on Iran and Palestine would be no different than Trump's either.

Real talk though both of these insidious old fucks need to die soon, they are horrible.

Deleted comment

me today

Now that I've nearly completed the organizing and decluttering phase of Project Room Redecoration, I'm hoping to get some new pieces of furniture on sale for Memorial Day. Crossing my fingers for good deals.
I'm kind of disappointed by the 1975 album.
- it's heavily political in the intro and people then drops off?
- It's 22 tracks but doesn't feel like it.
- they released all the bops in pre-album release marketing.

I mean it's good, but I was hoping for more?
Yeah I kinda scrubbed through it and thought it was a snooze fest. I know matty is pretentious but I was like ehhhh this one was really palpable
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