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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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So I've been listening to the Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcast and obviously I started from the beginning. I started season 4 today and oh no... the hosts broke up! They're still going to do the podcast together (lmao maybe this changes in the future idk), but still! Sad! Even though this happened like 2 years ago.
that’s with jenny owen youngs right? she mentions that podcast a bunch in the veronica mars one she’s also doing it
yep! that's the one!


9 months ago

There was a nasty hailstorm in my area last night. Some areas got baseball sized hail, the biggest the hail got in my neighborhood was 2 inches. My little weenie dog was scared of the thunder and hid under a bed. I was freaking out because of the hail and sat in the hallway. The hail was stationary and went on for like 40 minutes. My little dog saw I was upset and crawled out from under the bed to side beside me. I love that little darlin!
There are kids playing on my campus and it's annoying as hell.

I really do hate screaming children.
Hmmmt. Am i blocked from making posts!? I keep on getting an error the past two post i've tried to submit. @mods what's good?

it's all of us, it's some lj thing. your posts have gone through!

jesus christ

and also... what exactly does one call that haircut he has? I've never seen anything like it
shaking and crying

somejuan submit this as a post cause i can't apparently. :(
If you submitted and got an error screen it still went through, don’t worry


9 months ago

i wanted to but i thought surely someone must’ve already posted it? but then again maybe not, it’s not 2010 anymore lmao
Damn how did she get Ariana to let her hair down
i love how the aesthetic matches both of their old looks, like break free and born this way era
So iconic, the way we won 😭


9 months ago

Are all of this era's music videos going to be 'dance battle chic'.

I still like the aesthetic
It seems like every time I finish paying off my phone I make up problems with it so I can buy a new one 😩

Deleted comment

Was living abroad for the last 5 years and I have now been home for 2 months. Last 2 weeks have been alright (i'm living at home bc I don't qualify for any of the benefits here) so i'm lucky in that sense. However i've woken up now with excessive anxiety and the feeling of dread everyday and sometimes its all day, other times it just comes over me randomly.

I think i'm just coming to terms with the fact that i'm home now, I've gained a bit of weight, so i'm feeling anxious, fat, and uncertain. So that's nice. I try to work out at home too but I never have the willpower to do so, and the gyms here probs won't open until July at least.

I hate covid, and I hate not being able to see past the next few months.
idk if this helps, but Meggan Grubb on insta does daily workouts at 8am EST/1pm BST. I was in a huge workout rut, but doing her lives has really helped and keeps me motivated. It's nice making sure I show up and do a workout at the same time each day and she takes time to actually read comments of people following along so it's fun.
Thanks for the info! I was just using Youtube videos, and it really left me very unmotivated. Maybe a live will change that!

Thanks :)

have y'all seen these ads? i get the idea but its convoluted and the execution is bad
I really want to use contact paper everywhere lmao. But still, I wanna do the bright white marble contact paper on my table and two dressers. It’d make the studio apartment look brighter and whiter. I’m in super crafty mood. Like I’d buy a big ass foam board to make an anchor and paste the contact paper on it. HangIn it in my bathroom wall. :)

I’m too damn lazy lmao
i've got my balcony all cleaned up finally! i've got a shaded nook in the corner that will have morning glories growing over the lattice for my wife to sit and work during the day (if the very loud construction ever stops) and the other corner has the little barbeque and a whole bunch of pots.
i stan grandpa ott.
bravo is airing rhodc- i'm surprised, they always liked to pretend that it never existed
thinking of driving to my local h mart in a bit. its so far out but i've been really wanting to go just to look for this one thing - Korean canned tuna. lol i really wanna make maangchi's spicy tuna fish stew but apparently regular old tuna at the regular grocery store will not hold up during the simmer and will turn to mush haha.
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