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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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I don't know what made me think of them recently, but I went on Jill's instagram page and she's sending her kid to public school? I never thought I would see the day!
oh my!

they shall be corrupted by the evil secular school system!

(lol tbh in Arkansas, I assume public schools are basically Christian schools anyway)
lol yeah those are def the places where creationism is given just as much weight as the evolution they're bound by law to reluctantly teach. "the civil war was about states' rights" type shit. sex ed? never heard of her.
oh! i remember him. like he did some with the church of satan right??

notice me senpai!


May 22 2020, 17:59:08 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 18:00:55 UTC

my mom had a biopsy yesterday and gets results later today to see if what was biopsied is benign or breast cancer
fingers crossed for good news.
i hope it’s good news!
fingers crossed!!
Fingers crossed for your mom!!
so i heard back from my co-editor, we're going to have a phone meeting and then i'll be mostly done this book proposal and then i'm going to stop working for today. i got done what i wanted to get done and tbh that's good enough for me right now
ONTD, how do you feel about people who write, “I seen”
It's embarrassing for them, but making fun of them for a lack of elementary school education seems classist these days imo
The person that wrote it is college educated.


11 months ago

it's part of some dialects so idc
One of my best friends growing up would say this all the time. It grates on me like nothing else but also reminds me of home lol.
I don’t here that too much but “alls” hurts my ears as in “alls you have to do is ____”
Not good.
oh some good news that just happened is my uncle finally got approved for disability payments!! :) this should help immensely.
What's the point of the r/roastme? Is it supposed to be funny?
Yup and also Jojo. She can come to the cookout tbh!
Asking the big questions! (I'm looking forward to watching the Greece one this weekend.)

I'm staying with my bf for 5 days in June after we enter Phase Two and I just can't wait ughhhhh I need a break from my life. It's so difficult being who I am sometimes. I have to wear so many hats, be so many different people for so many other different people, I don't have the capacity to be myself and it's just bearing down on me. When I'm with my friends or my bf I can just let loose and be free. For almost three months now the only times I've been able to do that are when I'm alone in my bedroom. It's not that I rely on others for happiness, it's just the particular circumstances of my physical surroundings and my day-to-day life at my job even while wfh feels very constricting and difficult to breathe in. It hurts tbh.

this is extremely relatable!!
LOL this is a good one

Deleted comment

lmaoo this is great
HOW DARE Netflix automatically skip the Avatar intro without me telling it to do so.
I was thinking of watermelon feta salad and there's this famous brunch place in the east end of Toronto called Maha's that apparently makes amazing watermelon feta salad. Wish it wasn't so far from me because I'd love to get takeout lol

we need more testing, la la la
and bowser was just talking about how we could start reopening DC soon. my place of work has extended WFH until at least labor day.
MoCo is going with "maybe next week, maybe two weeks, we'll see how things develop," which I realize is vague but at least it's not making promises that might be a bad idea in two weeks?

They finally put up a dashboard just for the county and I think the main things are the positivity rate and the 74% acute bed occupancy, so at least things are doing better in terms of number of cases.

Re: We're #1!


11 months ago

Re: We're #1!


11 months ago

Tens of thousands of people are going to die because of the awful leadership in the White House.
anyone else having problems with LJ notifications? I'm not getting emails when someone replies to my very important comments!!
for some reason, mine started going into my junk folder, idk why!
It's so weird, yours came thru, but wearescientists replied to me on another comment and I didn't get one, I checked my spam folder and there was nothing there.

why are you doing this to me, lj!!


11 months ago

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