Esther (pilotis) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Weeknd feat. Doja Cat - In Your Eyes (Remix)

Tags: music / musician, the weeknd
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This is my fave song from his album 1000000%
people were so gross about this on IG commenting that ~women ruin everything 🙄🙄 I like both versions, this song is so good
😂 They act like the other one went somewhere.
This is going to be the song of the summer in Europe, im calling it

we go crazy for a sax-solo
i gravitate toward sax and piano solos in pop music
give me a late 80's sax solo or an early 90's guitar solo and I am DOWN
Yeah, I just remember how we turned sax guy from Eurovision into a meme <3
i love this. although i'm disappointed it's not a cover of peter gabriel's 'in your eyes'
The remix isn't bad but I prefer the original. Love this song.
agreed I don't think her voice/vibe fits his t.b.h. but it's cute
Agreed but that might have more to do with the fact that it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album & I’ve listened to it 300 times. I’m too used to the original to it’s hard for me to embrace this new version.
I only liked Doja Cat's part.
frustrating that this pos keeps releasing bops!
I like this song but it's not even one of my faves from the album.
I'm not feeling this remix.
damn, a hit becomes more of a hit.
80s vibes
Meh, it doesn't really add anything and her verse sounds like a different song. I miss when remixes were actually a remix and not just somebody featuring over what was once the bridge. Megan Thee Stallion SERVED with the savage remix.
IA that her verse sounds like a different song. It's like her vocals were for an entirely different song and then they just added this beat behind it.
cokehead king and queen
This is the first time I've heard this song so Doja's feature sounds fine to me. I think it works since she has a disco-inspired track on the charts right now.
There's a #dojacatisoverparty trending number one on Twitter. Apparently she hung out in alt right troll sections of the internet, shitted and filmed it for incels and made a song joking about Sandra Bland's death. Wildin'.