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Jeffree Star releases death themed makeup palette during global pandemic

Because getting attention at all costs is all any Youtube will do, former myspace personality Jeffree Star released a new palette titled "Cremated". The palette includes shades called, "embalmed", "obituary", "casket ready", and "goodbye".

Obviously people were upset and offended that he would release a death theme palette when thousands are currently dying daily because of COVID-19.

To save everyone time and not give him any views, Jeffree stated that the timing is definitely unfortunate but not intentional because it takes months to come up with a new product. He states that he makes makeup for weirdos and wants to make people happy and by no means was trying to offend anyone.

Sure Jan

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, pr training needed
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fuck him and his ugly palette
Honestly, this tacky crypt keeper would...
Tasteless & ugly like his insides.

This pallette is sf ugly. Both packaging & shadows.
He could have pushed back the launch
He wanted the drama
Also, this color story was already boring when colourpop did it for half the price
he’s literally a demon
never will forget how fucking racist and vile he is
He is so ugly and so are his fans.
It just goes to show how much people are buying into the persona not the product, because if any non-influencer led brand came out with this they'd get a universal "wtf" reaction. It's 24 shades of cool toned grey that are going to look ashy as hell on most skin tones, and one half of the palette is basically dupes of the other.
The timing is so bad. Like, I get that you planned this a year ago and makeup has an expiration date so eventually you would have to get this out of the warehouse or eat a huge loss but... oh god, the timing, so damn bad
I still can't believe he became famous after being such a Myspace joke.
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