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Jeffree Star releases death themed makeup palette during global pandemic

Because getting attention at all costs is all any Youtube will do, former myspace personality Jeffree Star released a new palette titled "Cremated". The palette includes shades called, "embalmed", "obituary", "casket ready", and "goodbye".

Obviously people were upset and offended that he would release a death theme palette when thousands are currently dying daily because of COVID-19.

To save everyone time and not give him any views, Jeffree stated that the timing is definitely unfortunate but not intentional because it takes months to come up with a new product. He states that he makes makeup for weirdos and wants to make people happy and by no means was trying to offend anyone.

Sure Jan

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, pr training needed
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Has anyone watched Liam McEvoy's video on him? I learned so much about J* that I didn't before, it was WILD. I didn't think I'd watch the entire video, but I somehow did lmao:
i remembered most of this stuff from my myspace days ... i felt ancient listening to them explaining what a blog was lol.
hahaha not trying to make a dig at all, but I definitely wasn't old enough to remember that, which is why I found so much of it equally interesting and appalling 😖 I want this man GONE
he literally said "it's like an ancient social media"

lol, kill me
He's literally a cockroach who will never die. Even after the apocalypse, this cretin will still be around and thirsting for fame and money.
I mean out of this being extremely distasteful this just looks ASHY. I love a good smokey eye, but this ain't sis. You actually need brown tones to make a good smokey eye, but what do I know. I only went to school for makeup and didn't graduate from YT university.
I could be fair and say that I understand that the making makeup process takes months to years but it's Jeffree so I have absolutely no intention of ever being fair to him since he's never once been fair to any black woman, so fuck him and fuck people who buy his shit tbh!!!!!!! It doesnt matter what time, what date, what the release is-there is no excuse for ever buying anything from that man period. No excuse. Don't act up in arms now!! Shouldnt have even been checking for it. If you were lurking waiting for his big news like you woulda bought it if it was another 50 shades of neutrals palette, I want you to sit there and imagine him clawing that money out of your palm while making that direct eye contact he does and then calling you the foulest name you can think of painfully slow. Imagine it!! Now stop going to his channel already.
.... anyways I just ordered the Jackie Aina x ABH collab palette and I’m excited! I feel like that palette got slept on a lot because people are racist and don’t like that she focuses on black issues in the makeup industry. Like I’ve seen white girls complaining that the palette doesn’t cater to them or whatever but all the light skinned/ white youtubers that I’ve seen try it looked really good.

And I bought the new Fenty bronzer too and that arrived a few days ago and I looooove it.
it's my favorite palette of of all time. the color story, the pigment payoff, the innovative glitters/foils/shimmers (wiggalese is THE BEST HANDS DOWN), and the quality all around is remarkable

it was a cultural reset, it was a cultural reset
I was tempted by the Jackie Aina x ABH palette, but I semi-regret the ABH palettes that I already own because I don't love the formula. The color story is really good and everyone I saw use it on YT made it look fantastic.

And now it's LE so I can't get it anyway, lol. Indecision bites again.
what does LE mean?


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

I use the Jackie aina palette almost daily
It is the only palette from ABH I really like. The colors are fantastic! Too bad it is completely out of my price range.
pity he can't die

Oh. I saw his name and "death" and got excited.

I always knew he was trash, but never knew exactly how trash he was. I've gotten a couple of his palettes as gifts....And throwing them out after they were already purchased for me literally does nothing.... Does anyone have suggestions for dupes on Jawbreaker or Blue Blood?

Also....semi-related thing about another highly problematic person... I've been wanting to make an original post about when I won a contest to meet P*r*z back in 2012. I was a lot more active here at that time, but based on the sponsor (which was a company that was since shut down), I wasn't allowed to post about it at the time.
Colourpop's Blue Moon Palette could be a dupe for Blue Blood?
Well, this would've been great for Halloween, but I'm failing to see the intrigue. It's just kitchy and cheap.
he's so violently ugly
He’s awful and that palette is boring with edgy names

He has some really cool straws but I ain’t giving him any money. Recs on where I can dupes?

this racist misogynist cave goblin can exit this planet.
The first page of this post is already killing me lmaoo
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