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Jeffree Star releases death themed makeup palette during global pandemic

Because getting attention at all costs is all any Youtube will do, former myspace personality Jeffree Star released a new palette titled "Cremated". The palette includes shades called, "embalmed", "obituary", "casket ready", and "goodbye".

Obviously people were upset and offended that he would release a death theme palette when thousands are currently dying daily because of COVID-19.

To save everyone time and not give him any views, Jeffree stated that the timing is definitely unfortunate but not intentional because it takes months to come up with a new product. He states that he makes makeup for weirdos and wants to make people happy and by no means was trying to offend anyone.

Sure Jan

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, pr training needed
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Obviously people were upset and offended that he would release a death theme palette when death is an everyday reality for many people who have lost loved ones because of COVID-19.

I mean......death is a reality everyday no?
You right, my wording sucked lol Fixed it though!
lmao listen i am the LAST person to complain about too many eyeshadows with similar colours, but like 9 of the shadows from that palette are same fucking colour bro.
It's kinda baffling how Jeffree became some sort of huge internet star, like how did this happen? Is it pure luck? All his videos on youtube get millions of views.
He’s “good” at makeup that’s ass I can think of he’s a terrible human and when he was getting popular on local blogs half of his shot was stolen from other people so I have to assume just the makeup part
i lowkey think he is/was a drug dealer and used that money to build his makeup empire
he was like a barnacle on the hollywood scene in the early 2000s and ran with kelly osborne and paris hilton so you're probably right

also i'm 99% sure he had been using bots/fake accounts to fake it til he made it in the super early days of social media
This, and tbh I think he was really smart with his money.
He's got good business partners that orchestrated the come back, making sure the videos he uses as promo are well produced, edited, and made him seem much more professional/accomplished than he really is.
someone HAD to funnel major money into his business. makeup alone doesnt get you into a fucking mansion, especially if your makeup isnt being sold in stores.
People have been defending him all over tiktok lately (like in a post where a Black woman said Jeffree refused to take photos of her + her friends during Warped tour)

“but he has diverse models!” as if that changes a racist like himself when he’s after your $$ and constantly shows his ass but ok
This skeksis.
Lordy, I thought this was a still from a horror movie, also are we really surprised at these shenanigans from this one? This generation loves to support trash. smh
for it to look as chalky as always. at least choose a good hill to die on

you think his fans still love him for this or are they gonna care cuz it's about their people and not black people?
What is appealing about this ghoul?
He's complete garbage but getting mad about this in particular is dumb.
"Jeffree Star releases death themed makeup palette during global pandemic"

So he just wore no makeup and sold empty containers.
I'm not mad about the name, although it's still trashy, I'm just annoyed he thinks this is goth, maybe in the 90s but goth is more blacks, deep red, purples, etc not a bunch of Grey's and whites. I'm also mad he just exists, trash all around. Leave my planet, Joffrey.
Right? None of the goths I went to school with would have wanted four samey shades of beige.
I hate him so so much this is as someone who was “friends” with him in high school he’s a racist misogynistic piece of shit but this was probably named and planned before hand? Although could have waited to release it?
It's planned way beforehand. It can take up to a year to have the final product in your hand. He could've shelved this and taken the hit monetarily like I said below, but then on the flip side it's like....so we just discard a bunch of plastic and makeup away and then where does that go?

Idk how long it takes to trademark a name but if not long, he could've rebranded it.

The lime crime Venus immortalis palette was pretty much the same wasn’t it?

lime crime isn't much better. doe deere is still on the board as far as I know

They’re both trash.

I mean, he isn't lying. HEAR ME OUT.

He trademarked the palette name in September of 2019. It does take months and months to create and produce.

THAT BEING SAID, he is so filthy rich that he could've spared shelving this. And for these reasons, and many other reasons, he can and should take this.
Eye shadows can last for a while before they start going off. He could have held off on this until the fall, probably.
if that's the case then 100% agreed.
he could've even released a statement like "i was considering releasing this palette but it feels like it's in bad taste and will be released in the fall" and probably would've even gotten praise for it
He is ugly. His products are ugly. His fans are ugly.
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