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Renee Bargh addresses rumours she dated Tom Cruise!

Australian TV presenter Renee Bargh responds to rumours she secretly dated Tom Cruise in 2018.

Renee was an entertainment reporter for Extra tv show in the US.

In 2018, a tabloid said she was discreetly dating the Mission: Impossible star after Renee interviewed Tom for his film Mission Impossible over in Paris

Now, she tells The Kyle and Jackie O Show the speculation was untrue:

“That is so funny!That was a really funny one. That’s one of those ones where you look at it and I got all these messages and emails from people in Australia being like, ‘Oh my gosh you’re the new girlfriend’ and I’m like ‘Where did this come from?’.

“And I look it up and I honestly can say with full conviction, I have no idea. We just had a couple of great interviews on a red carpet, I think in Paris and then someone just wrote that article.”

In December, Tom was spotted with a mystery blonde boarding his helicopter.

His mystery companion sported blonde bobbed hair and a cosy black faux fur

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What a cute Scientology related anecdote. Whoever the church decides he has to date, I'm so sorry unless you're in it, then fück you too.
Do you know the identity of Tom's mystery woman? Email tips@dailymail.co.uk

Lmao Daily Mail's hustle, though
They can't advertise their phone hacking sis
run away sis....but i bet she's in the sea org ;__;
I wonder if we'll ever get the true tea on Toms life. By all accounts he's a lovely guy and very easy to work with, but his personal life is faked and constructed in such an old Hollywood/Rock Hudson kinda way. I don't necessarily think he's gay but the way he picks girlfriends/wives like he's filling a job opening is bizarre. And he appears to have given up a relationship with Suri in order to stay close to Scientology. If we ever get a tell all I'll read it in one sitting
reading up on his childhood, it's pretty easy to get how he ended up down the scientology path imo
Just read his wiki and WHEW. Catholic family, alcoholic abusive dad, 15 schools in 14 years, AND he almost became a priest?!


4 months ago


4 months ago

According to Tony Ortega who has investigated Scientology for decades, Tom isn't gay but has completely and totally trusted Miscavige and Scientology to control his life since Nicole/Penelope. The whole thing is super pathetic and sad, tbh
I cannot wait for all the tell-alls and unauthorized bios after he dies.
I am pre-ordering the tell all and this fucking virus better not take me before I get it istg. Ideally, I want the chapter describing Katie's escape to be titled Marriage Impossible and a screengrab of the glowstick guy in the Celine Dion concert under it.


4 months ago


4 months ago

Probably when he dies.

I can't believe he's almost 60. twice my age, but probably has better knees/can take the stairs
He is so damn creepy.
any updates since A&e cancelled?
It was canceled? I thought it was a big hit for the network?
Rumours? 2018? Lady, I know entertainment is slow right now but
The mystery woman/dating a journalist thing reminded me of when the Daily Mail thought that Tom Hiddleston was dating Taffy Brodesser-Akner (he wasn't she was just doing a gq profile of him). Her reaction to the whole thing was hilarious:

has he dated anyone we know of since the whole taylor thing?
He's supposed to currently be dating Zawe Ashton, that co-star he did a play with but aside from that IDK.


4 months ago

Imagine dating Tom Cruise not in secret
nicole said he was extremely sexual or something to that effect. I do not think for one second he is gay. do I think he has people who do the legwork of getting women for him? yes, especially post divorce with katie. she really FUCKED HIM AND I LIVE FOR IT TBH. fuck scientologists.
In Leah Remini's book, she talked about Nazanin Boniadi being horrified when Scientologists suggested that she be more sexually aggressive with him so that's definitely what's happening. So fucking weird.
yeah she also said tom and katie would be all over each other whenever she was over their house
they want them baby scientologists! little minds to freely mold!
Cher said he was really good in bed
nicole said he was extremely sexual or something to that effect.

His first wife Mimi Rogers supposedly said that he had wanted to be a priest when he was younger & was going with the celibacy part of it.
i literally just finished re-listening to leah remini's book today and idk how anyone could get involved with tom that isnt part of the cult
I still need to read the book. I actually have it but never got around to it
sounds like something her PR team put out tbh.