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New Music Friday – May 22, 2020

Featuring new music by Agust D, Alaina Castillo, Ariel Pink, deadmau5 with The Neptunes, Deb Never, DeJ Loaf, Disclosure, Ellie Goulding, Fetty Wap, Foster the People, Foxes, Gunna, Indigo Girls, Mariah the Scientist, Nick Jonas, Rock Mafia, Sech, Tove Lo, Zola Blood, and The 1975

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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?
Tags: asian celebrities, black celebrities, british celebrities, bts, cpop / jpop / kpop, ellie goulding, european celebrities, jonas brothers, latino celebrities, lgbtq film / media, music / musician, music / musician (alternative and indie), music / musician (electronic), music / musician (pop), music / musician (producers), music / musician (r&b and soul), music / musician (rap and hip-hop), new music friday, new music post, ontd original, pharrell / n.e.r.d / neptunes
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The singles from the new 1975 are really good. I only found one outside of the singles that I saved to a playlist tho, "What Should I Say" - I LOVE a few of the previously released songs tho - Me & You Together Song, If You're Too Shy, Jesus Christ 2005, The Bday Party.
SADDER BADDER COOLER GOOOOOES ALL THE WAY OFF! and of course dedicated side b is in constant rotation since yesterday, love my pop queens
what's up with the lyrics in that song, what's yoongi so angry for
idk but his fans are attacking every idol or rapper that they think it might be about rn and it's been exhausting to watch lol
new liza anne

new lucy rose

He looks soooo good and the mv is amazing!
Ellie Goulding's lips in that screencap are ridiculous.
Yay new Foxes!
LOVING the new Agust D vid. The beat is dope, he is looking foine, so rewatchable.
The 1975 needs to learn how to edit for real. Really good songs mixed with really unnecessary tracks.

Dedicated Side B is my fave release this week
They always have so much filler on their albums. The songs that I love, I really love, but just. Compress it down, guys.
idk how into the indigo girls anyone else here is, but they've been doing livestreams weekly and they sound so good. they're on facebook and youtube and ig too (but it's sideways on there lol). I stan.
Also a fan of this new release:

Nothing super-exciting from Matt Berninger, but I do appreciate the consistency of if you're a fan of The National, you'll likely know what you're getting from Matt and like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Been listening to a lot of house, and Perfume Genius's latest. First full album I've listened in a minute.
Basically, I just wanna dance.
I wanted to like Dedicated Side B more but most of the tracks weren't there for me and I can see why they were cut. I guess it makes sense - I didn't enjoy Dedicated as much as Emotion, so it's predictable that I wouldn't like the b-sides as much as Emotion's b-sides. Stay Away, This Is What They Say and Summer Love were the standouts for me on first listen but I'll have to hear them a few more times to decide if I really like them.
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