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'Capone' starring Tom Hardy earns over $2.5million from Video On Demand in just 10 days

- 'Capone' has helped Vertical Entertainment (an American independent film distributor and production company) with it's best Video On Demand (VOD) earning more than $2.5million.

- The company spokesperson says about the success of "Capone": “We are incredibly impressed with the attention and interest surrounding ‘Capone'. Although we wish the film could have been premiered in theaters as originally intended, we could not be more thrilled with the success of the VOD home premiere release.”

- 'Capone' focuses on Al Capone's life "after his 11-year sentence at the United States Penitentiary, as he suffers from neurosyphilis and dementia while living in Florida". It's directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle, The Fantastic Four). Starring alongside with Tom Hardy is Kyle MacLachlan, Linda Cardellini, Jack Lowden, Matt Dillon and Neal Brennan.

- On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an approval rating of 41% based on 106 reviews (with an average rating of 5.05/10 with critics) and has a 34% audience score.

~Some reviews~Collapse )

Did you see 'Capone', ONTD? and if you did how was it?
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As miss corona made her way to the US, I was getting ready to buy a regal pass and watch both parasite and portrait.

I miss those big ass screens and sneaking in snacks. :(

Where were you where they were still playing Parasite in theaters...ok, in retrospect, I remember our theater playing it when I saw Sonic, so nevermind.
it was still screening in march in texas :)
It was still in theaters right before the Rona quarantine hit the US
my local texas theaters put it back on the screen after it won BP
I miss my regal pass. I would go every week. 😔
The last movie I saw in theaters was Little Women in early January. I graduated school and didn’t plan on anything for the summer since I’ll be moving and I was excited to see the summer offerings.
Ugly. I hate how handsome men ugly themselves up to be considered serious actors but women are almost always asked to lose weight and be the perfect beauty fantasy no matter the role.

Also why'd they cast him? Shouldn't they have just cast someone older?

Deleted comment

I have no intention of watching this but the reviews and that one clip floating about on twitter really made laugh.

[slightly spoilery i guess]

The scream I just let out when she slapped him for the second time.
That 2nd tweet jakdsghjkshgkjdshkjfghkdsghj omg I might need to watch this trash
Hes so hot. Like I think probably my number one crush tbh. Would love to suck his dick and kiss those lips!
I find him repulsive. It's probably because of his on set history of violence. I just don't get the appeal with him as an actor either. He's mediocre at best.
sorry to go ot in your post, op, but is anyone else getting an error message when they go to submit posts? i've tried submitting the nmf several times with no luck.
Yeah, I had issues yesterday. I tried to submit twice and got the error message both times, it ended up being posted and the other was rejected (since it was a double), so I believe it goes through even though you're getting an error.
same thing just happened to me! weird.
Yes, I had the same issue. I submitted about 2 posts after this one not realizing that posts go through despite the error.
2.5 million ... isn't a lot of money for a movie to make though?
It's really not but I guess it's more pure profit??? Idk.
Deniro's Capone in the Untouchables is the best Capone.

Also, wtf at having him shit on himself and having his wife clean his ass. What kind of scat fantasies...
Another movie he mumbles through? No thanks.

I like watching movies with subtitles but I shouldn't NEED to watch them with subtitle when the dialogue is in English.
I have zero interest in this. So I will pass.
Is he the myspace guy?
Tom Hardy ain’t been shit since his crack days. Don’t @ me.
I honestly can't stand Tom Hardy's acting.
This entire post is making me retch
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