Andi (icameinyoursoup) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Chrissy Teigen Admits to Spending Thousands on Purses So She Could Use the Bathroom at Barneys

-Chrissy Teigan revealed on twitter to buying expensive designer purses just to use the bathroom.
-A fan mentioned seeing her buy a Celine bag so she could use the bathroom at Barneys, and she replied that she does it often.
-She did it to not feel guilty, since there is not a store policy that says you have to buy something to use the bathroom at Barneys.
-Most Celine bags retail for more than $1,500.

Tags: chrissy teigen / john legend, internet celebrities
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I'm so weird about public bathrooms.
Can't relate.

I don't understand where the GUILT of asking to use a bathroom comes from. If you gotta go, you gotta go?
What, some saleswoman is gonna make you feel like a lowlife for needing to pee lol unless you're a monster who defects on the floor or enjoys making a mess, just fucking ask to use a bathroom. idgi.
Depending on the store some of them don’t let you use their bathroom unless you plan on buying something.

this is the stupidest fucking article considering my broke ass has straight up beelined through several nordstoms and bloomingdales for the bathroom
it’s been said before but i’ll say it again: eat the rich
Also I do totally get the guilt of using public restrooms for us regular folk because it’s built in to our society. No one would ever say anything to Chrissy obviously because she is rich, but this is a by-product of capitalism. Our society is set up such that we don’t even *have bathroom access* without feeling pressure to *buy something*. We have to spend money to justify doing the most basic human thing to do, and if you don’t have any money, you don’t get to use a fucking toilet. Many of us can skate by using department store bathrooms or hotel bathrooms, but that’s really only because we pass as possible customers/guests. If we were looked as if we did not belong (e.g., if we were unhoused), we would absolutely be questioned about the use of those facilities (the Starbucks debacle aside). It’s a basic assumption in our society that you aren’t worthy of a toilet if you can’t pay for one.It’s absolutely so fucked up.
I mean, rme and that's annoying and rich people are ridic, but also it's really only terrible if she threw the bag away or something? If she used it or returned it or gave it as a gift, then it's not really wasteful. It's her money. The expense makes it obnoxious, but the principle isn't that bad. Maybe?
But why admit this? Especially now.
don't have to spend anything to use the nice bathrooms in Nordstrom/Neiman Marcus/Saks/Bloomingdales (nice...depending on when they clean for the latter, at least in the Westfield SF location)

the best public access bathroom I can remember is the one in the hotel with the parking for the Americana outdoor shopping center in Glendale. Towels, free lotion that smells amazing. The staff is there cleaning all the time and helping people; I hope they're paid well...
She’s trying to be “relatable” but this is incredibly vapid and tone deaf, especially right now. This isn’t like buying a cookie or cup of coffee to use the bathroom, $1500 is a rent payment for many people.
God she’s awful
Le sigh. This is not exactly relatable. She really doesn't know how to read the room, does she?


May 22 2020, 15:20:57 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 15:21:40 UTC


But joke's on her. I pooped at one w/o buying a purse and refreshed the stall with a sample of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.
OP could you please add the attention whore tag to any future Chrissy posts, thanks
I've done this, and bought the dumbest shit too. Not a $1500 purse, but it's her money and it's probably the equivalent of the $40 vase I bought one time for the same reason to her, so meh. She does a lot of problematic shit but this isn't one of them. lol


May 22 2020, 15:46:43 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:25:34 UTC

TBH, No way in hell would anybody with her fame-lvl quickly go to some mac or whatever other American non-luxury place to use the bathroom. It's pretty obvious that's impossible and would attract too much attention + there will be no exclusivity which rich ppl love.

Nevertheless, it's a weird timing to showcase your millionaire-lifestyle while people are struggling so hard. Very tone-deaf.

So I guess people in this post are mad because hey can't buy themselves a $1500 purse. LOL it's so funny how people on this site get so mad at how other people spend their money.
It's SCARY. I'm rich and some of the comments on here make me literally terrified to flaunt my enormous wealth on social media now. The gag is people wanting to eat me just because I live selfishly and frivolously.... is ableist. I don't know any better because I have affluenza.
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