Andi (icameinyoursoup) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Chrissy Teigen Admits to Spending Thousands on Purses So She Could Use the Bathroom at Barneys

-Chrissy Teigan revealed on twitter to buying expensive designer purses just to use the bathroom.
-A fan mentioned seeing her buy a Celine bag so she could use the bathroom at Barneys, and she replied that she does it often.
-She did it to not feel guilty, since there is not a store policy that says you have to buy something to use the bathroom at Barneys.
-Most Celine bags retail for more than $1,500.

Tags: chrissy teigen / john legend, internet celebrities
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Oh Chrissy, you scamp!
what an expensive dump. lol I cant w/ this woman...


[Spoiler (click to open)]
I haven't gone in days but im not in pain. Should I be terrified? I was scared last week when I couldn't go, but i introduced a lot of protein into my diet so I think that might be why? When I finally went, it didn't hurt which is great.

Do any of y'all suffer anxiety around constipation? I think mine comes from the possibility of a clogged toilet. Plunging grosses me tf out.

If you're not moving around and stuck in your apartment or whatever, it's natural to get constipated in these circumstances.

I am not a doctor tho, but it's something I read about in the beginning of the pandemic. It could be something else tho

Drink a lot more water

Having any different thing going on with your body during a pandemic and feeling anxiety about it is totally normal tho

People talk about sneezing and freaking out but we're at home 24/7 too and need to be more diligent about dusting because we're running the ac more often, etc

Talk to your doctor anyway via telemedicine or if you can message them or whatever (my provider uses a e-medicine portal)
just keep flushing as you poop.

Re: Speaking of poop.... (tmi)


May 22 2020, 14:21:57 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 14:24:23 UTC

[Spoiler (click to open)]

that only works if the first part doesn't clog. I try timing it so that it hit as I oull the lever, but sometimes that's not enough. ugh, the anxiety is so much and I feel silly

Leave it sitting in the toilet so the water softens it. Just close the lid lol. Also eat a pear a day. That’ll clean you out. The softer and juicier the pear the better. Apples work too
have a banana, grapes, or an apple

do some basic exercises to ~relax~ your system - squats, stretches, lower body stuff
I recommend psyllium husks as extra fiber. Works great for me.
The closest I can relate to is buying a bottle of nail polish at Nordstrom or something from their inexpensive Caslon line or coffee from the ebar I guess????

But most of the time if I'm at the mall, it is my bathroom destination and I don't buy anything

Like don't brag about dropping thousands of dollars to go potty during a pandemic
rich people feeling guilt and how they try to alleviate that feeling is what's going to kill me eventually

ALSO, is it just me but in light of all the alison roman racism are we getting more and more negative content about chrissy? not that chrissy shouldn't be called out for her shit but it's not sitting right w/ me tbh


May 22 2020, 13:52:48 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 13:53:55 UTC

Wow! Cute story. She really has her finger on the pulse of America.
If it was Phoebe Céline then go on, lol but if it's Celine now... 😶Anyway, Barneys was such a huge store, it wouldn't have been a problem to discretely use the bathroom without buying anything, no one is checking.
Someone asked the user how she knew that's why she bought the bag and she responded that Chrissy tweeted about it afterwards.

So she probably made a tweet that said

"Guysssss I just bought a bag from Barney's because I needed to use the bathroom"

And that makes me dislike her even more 😊

I seriously hate her
Truly the dumbest story to share right now. But nothing surprises me anymore.
Honestly, we know rich people are rich and have ease to purchase expensive things. So why are people so upset and mad when that’s expressed? Lmao.
She's insufferable.
Who else hates rich people?
I feel like stories like this were all fun and games in the early-mid 2000s but now it's just gross to laugh about being so wealthy that you can afford to throw away $1,500 to use a toilet when most people don't even make twice that in a whole month after taxes...
"all fun and games in the early-mid 2000s"

imagine it was 2004 and Paris Hilton! this accuracy
I feel like we used to love to see stuff like this during times of relative economic prosperity in the US when us poors thought we were "upper middle class" and would one day have good lives if we just went to college and worked our way up the corporate ladder but now?? No. The illusion has been shattered. This story isn't a cute funny thing we dream of achieving one day but instead a reminder of something we will never be able to even fathom experiencing


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

from anyone else, i'd expect that kind of reply to be sarcasm, because its just so unfathomable on regular ppl terms, like... she is beyond ridiculous. i hate rich ppl
Pro Tip: A lot of hotels have public bathrooms you can use in a pinch, and they are cleaner and nicer than your average bathroom too. My favorite in Chicago is the Palmer House on State Street in Chicago.
+ the ones in the basement level or upper levels are nicer and have less people
Going to the Palmer House was the exact tip my dad gave me when I was younger lol
I can understand why; the hotel is beautiful and the restroom there is lovely!
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