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The View: Chuck Schumer, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Joy’s Husband Dyed Her Hair

Tells funny story that her husband would rather dye her hair than go for a walk. It was a messy event and she’s now a cross between Cindi Lauper and Carrot Top. Shows her roots that are no longer gray but now they’re orange. Sunny is two-tone now but not sure about her husband coloring her hair. She may do something this weekend. Meghan has 10” of gray. Wants people to know that The View ladies aren’t cheating /like others/ by going to a salon. Meghan won’t let her husband touch her hair. She has to bleach her hair, and it might burn off and make her bald, might be better than now. Whoopi is wysiwyg.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

TidePodTrump© went to Ford plant today (refused to wear a mask, so Michigan AG said he wouldn’t be allowed back). Plays clip about tremendous illegality in mail in ballots while rationalizing his own ballot to be mailed to Florida. He is so full of sh’t. Study after study has proven that rampant voter fraud is a myth, there has never been widespread voter fraud, and that no major voter fraud has changed the outcome of a Presidential election. There are some one-offs, like a Judge during a primary stuffed his own ballot box repeatedly (lol), and the GOP mass voter fraud in NC in 2018 mid-terms that resulted in a new special election. Anyway here are your talking points for people who claim vote by mail is bad

1-the military has voted by mail for 200+ years
2-Oregon has voted by mail for 22+ years (plus other states, for lesser years)
3-Republican Governors are allowing vote by mail too but T45 is only complaining about Democrat Governor states
4-A president can’t interfere with a state’s decision to allow vote by mail
5-A president can’t withhold funding from a state over a state’s legal decision

F’ck that guy

Hot Topic Senator Chuck Schumer

First they talk about hydroxyfjslkjline (which now T45 claims he is stopping). CS says he might have `claimed` it for xyz reasons, or just made it up (lol). Then they talk about Columbia study published in NYT that said approx. 36K lives could’ve been saved if stay at home orders had been given even just one week earlier [wonder how many lives would’ve been saved if we backed it up to first week of Feb]. Next they talk about /plays clip/ DeSantis comments who claims FL has lower death rate despite reckless guidelines. Except FL has been caught lying about their diagnosed cases and deaths, and at least one FL official was fired because they refused to fudge data. Moves to Heroes Act, the next stimulus package passed by the House, that McConnell refuses to consider.

ABC News is airing a 3-night special re/Covid impact on poc (Wed-Thu-Fri)*. They discuss disparity. CS gives props to Finland, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong – 4 of which are led by women. Next up: screaming minority of protesters vs silent majority who want restrictions and guidelines in place.

Then firing the latest Inspector General of State Dept. First leak is because Pompeo was having a staffer run all his family’s personal errands, but that was to cover for the bigger leak about Saudi deal. Fascist Donnie has now fired 4 IG because they aren’t loyal to his fascist regime. Obamagate is a nothingburger, ignore it. Susan Rice’s unredacted emails were released, where she documented Obama wanted everything run by the book (like, that's bad?!) and then it was revealed that Flynn’s name was never unmasked. They can’t even fake conspiracy anymore. More talk about voting by mail.

*check for alternate viewing options.

Hot Topic Miscellaneous Panel Shout Outs

Meghan recognizes Ben Platt honoring Columbia graduates, plays clip.

[This was on the Hulu upload, they may have cut this from the upload clip]. Sunny highlights from Stephen King’s The Stand with Whoopi, shows photos.

Ontd have you cut or colored your hair at home during lockdown?

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