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Lana Del Rey tries to clarify her IG post

Lana attempts to clear up her latest instagram post by stating that she loves all the female artist she mentions and even knows them but that she hasn't been granted the same opportunity to express herself without being decimated by people.

She says it had nothing to do with race and that it's sad people are making it an issue about WOC because those are some of her favorite artists and she could have picked anyone but she picked her favorite ones.

Believes that there are certain women in culture that people don't want to have a voice.

She also clarifies to not ever call her racist.

Recent IG activitiesCollapse )

Doja Cat respondsCollapse )

Megan Fox weighs in!Collapse )

I tried to summarize them as best I could!

Tags: celebrity social media, lana del rey, megan fox, pr training needed, race / racism
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classic white women antics, nothing new


May 22 2020, 05:41:51 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 05:42:11 UTC

I can't believe the woman who wrote "Ghetto Baby" would have a questionable grasp of race.
This closeted Republican needs to go away.
She's so exhausting.
Don't ever ever ever ever bro call me racist

Adding extra "evers" won't make you less of a racist Karen bro!
All those artists she listed song from places of authenticity Lana is nothing authentic her lyrics come from a dreamworld if she sang W some authenticity she may have commercial success
Yeah, I'm done with her.
finally awake enough to comment on this - i can't believe i missed both of these posts and how much i used to fuck with her.

the entire thing is so baffling to me, especially given that NFR has received so much critical acclaim, and she has never really been persecuted for her music or lyrics, what alternate fucking universe is she living in ? i stanned hard for her since btd / video games had a couple thousand views on youtube lmao. sure there have been think pieces but she's creating an entire narrative that simply doesn't exist.

i don't even want to comment on her choice artists to call out here - it's really telling that it was their success that triggered this entire unnecessary rant. like honestly how long must she have thought about this and bottled it up to just have this incoherent word vomit. her claiming that she's the biggest fan of these artists and yet put out such a hateful, tone-deaf essay is mindblowing and transparent.

a more 'delicate' personality - i'm going to vom.

she should have kept her damn mouth shut and ate her cigarette, but maybe it's a good thing she showed her true colors. i never thought she was as deep as she thought she was, but this is something else entirely.
stop talking lana
Any straws left to grasp?
Damn when Megan Fox drags your ass...
But who is going to explain doja cats response for me
keep digging
ill say it. no lana your aesthetic is descriptive of a certain type of woman, that makes it a good song that doesn't make it l i b e r a t i n g for women the point of feminism. you're right there ain't no space for you until you get an actual praxis not some choice feminism bs. gtfoh.

and i don't know why you mentioned nicki or beyonce when they 100% have gotten tagged for not being real feminists in act or music. anaconda got feminist criticism, "eat the cake anna mae" rightfully got feminist criticism. lots of fans were weirded out by how violent "tear that cherry out was" and a lot of songs on self-titled ARE about being submissive and delicate. you're just being a dick.
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