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Lana Del Rey tries to clarify her IG post

Lana attempts to clear up her latest instagram post by stating that she loves all the female artist she mentions and even knows them but that she hasn't been granted the same opportunity to express herself without being decimated by people.

She says it had nothing to do with race and that it's sad people are making it an issue about WOC because those are some of her favorite artists and she could have picked anyone but she picked her favorite ones.

Believes that there are certain women in culture that people don't want to have a voice.

She also clarifies to not ever call her racist.

Recent IG activitiesCollapse )

Doja Cat respondsCollapse )

Megan Fox weighs in!Collapse )

I tried to summarize them as best I could!

Tags: celebrity social media, lana del rey, megan fox, pr training needed, race / racism
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All this to defend her right to be a sexy baby.
You'd think she would appreciate her fellow sexy babies Ariana and Camila!
*A sexy baby with a (borderline abusive) older man and call it glamorous.
Question for the Culture:

GWORL what culture?!?!
sure as FUCK not Black culture! i can't stand her ass
this desperate/thirsty former friend of mine liked the post on insta... so goddamn on brand. Lizzie Grant gtfo.
What does Doja Cat’s reply mean?
basically "you got your ass dragged"
Thank you! I was lost
Lol this racist cop loving abuse romanticizing weirdo can keep her clarification

“I’m not a feminist”

yeah we know.
lol doja cat's response is all she deserves at this point

white women are pathetic
if susan del anthony doesn't sit her dumbass down on something sharp and spiky
Lmaoo Susan Del Anthony omg
this has nothing to do with anything but i feel justice for leighton meester's 2014 debut dream pop album, heartstrings.

Her album came out the same yr as ultraviolence and 1989 and was vastly superior. My unproblematic becky lol
leighton is so cute on single parents
Agreed. I am distraught about Single Parents being canceled.


2 days ago


2 days ago

ugh true
RUNAWAY is honestly that melancholic yet whimsical yet also serene summer to fall transition bop and i'm MAD people paid it dust.


2 days ago

It so good and overlooked
and YET it's not on spotify smh
Leighton's pop bops too! I still listen to them. Somebody to Love, Body Control, Love is a Drug, Thrillseeker....ugh <3
I wish you could see who likes comments (besides the activity page) because I want to know who the fuck is liking her stupid defense
How Very

Does she not have anyone around that’s heard the name “Alison Roman”???
So sad that I missed the first post about this but thank you to this person lmaooo. Immediately iconic.

Murmuring in a daze about dick!!

lmao you're welcome
the more i read this the more apparent it becomes that this is self sabotage at its finest and she leaves herself as the perfect victim in her mind now

name dropping was nagl lmao she deserves all of this dragging tho, i feel like she's been kinda untouchable and gets many passes (so i dont know what she's going on about in regards to being unable to speak her truth???)


May 22 2020, 01:17:53 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 01:28:21 UTC


i'm tired of her glamorizing abuse. where do these other artists do so?
When she said other artists might get treated differently/worse and it might not have to do with race.... she’s white, how on earth does she know.

Also the delicate stuff.... ugh so transparent.

Let’s retire her.
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