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Lana Del Rey tries to clarify her IG post

Lana attempts to clear up her latest instagram post by stating that she loves all the female artist she mentions and even knows them but that she hasn't been granted the same opportunity to express herself without being decimated by people.

She says it had nothing to do with race and that it's sad people are making it an issue about WOC because those are some of her favorite artists and she could have picked anyone but she picked her favorite ones.

Believes that there are certain women in culture that people don't want to have a voice.

She also clarifies to not ever call her racist.

Recent IG activitiesCollapse )

Doja Cat respondsCollapse )

Megan Fox weighs in!Collapse )

I tried to summarize them as best I could!

Tags: celebrity social media, lana del rey, megan fox, pr training needed, race / racism
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I work with this woman (in her forties, Trump supporter, white and VERY oppressed~~~) who said a customer once called her racist and so she ran into the bathroom and cried. "There is literally nothing meaner you could call a person!" she proclaimed. It's like UMMM, I can think of a few things....
well she wanted mainstream recognition.. here you go girl
another flop debut to the GP.

*laughs in SNL*


May 21 2020, 23:13:35 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 23:14:06 UTC

Damn, just because you have the shovel doesn't mean you should keep digging.
She really thinks she's a little misunderstood genius. It also astounds me that she sees Bey as her peer. I'm like, no.
Know when to stop talking, idiot.
Uh, ok, but that doesn't address the whole "why can't feminism condone and support women who romanticize abuse?" thing.


May 21 2020, 23:18:45 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 23:19:31 UTC

The stripper gifs she posted on insta with the “fuck off” caption are soo cringey omg
Do you follow her sister Chuck? She posted old pics from Tropico with Lana and a few Latina women. I assume it was a ~fuck you~ to the people calling Lana racist, as in "how can she be racist when she admires their style and life and tried to emulate it" bc it's her dressed like what she assumes Latin women look like, fake gun tatt and all lmaooooo. These white girls are so fucking dumb and embarrassing.
keeping digging that hole girl, you've already pissed off the beyhive...
"this isn't about race" is always rich coming from white people.
Her brain is a fried egg 🍳 at this point. Those commercials were true all along.
"This is your brain on Pepsi-Cola Pussy."
lmao somehow she made it worse??? I can’t
"It may not have to do with race, i dont know what it has to do with. I dont care anymore"

Wow, no twisting of words needed sis, you plainly expressed that you do not care about any of the racist implications of your words and that you stand by that.

She needs to stay in her ~delicate feminine fantasy bubble world and just not say anything before running it past 10 other people and getting feedback.
love how she said 'she could have picked anyone' which just proves her line of thinking she is the ONLY one EVER who gets criticized lmao
Wave your flag.

She’ll wave her blue lives matter flag
"this isn't about race!!!1" is a white proverb at this point tbh and it's EXHAUSTING (and i'm saying that as a white woman, i know it's obviously infinitely shittier for poc)

fuck the police fucker
I think she's feeling threatened by the rise of Billie Eilish, since she's like the new princess of whispering.
i don't see why she should. her last album was her best critically received and did good for a person who barely does promo.
Well, Billie did get the James Bond song while many on this site were wishing Lana got it instead of Sam Smith and/or Billie.
Lmao at princess of whispering 🤣🤣🤣
That's what I said in the last post. Not that this idiot should be calling anyone out, but she and Billie have a ton in common both musically and otherwise.
But was too cowardly to name her
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