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Lana Del Rey tries to clarify her IG post

Lana attempts to clear up her latest instagram post by stating that she loves all the female artist she mentions and even knows them but that she hasn't been granted the same opportunity to express herself without being decimated by people.

She says it had nothing to do with race and that it's sad people are making it an issue about WOC because those are some of her favorite artists and she could have picked anyone but she picked her favorite ones.

Believes that there are certain women in culture that people don't want to have a voice.

She also clarifies to not ever call her racist.

Recent IG activitiesCollapse )

Doja Cat respondsCollapse )

Megan Fox weighs in!Collapse )

I tried to summarize them as best I could!

Tags: celebrity social media, lana del rey, megan fox, pr training needed, race / racism
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She’s always been horrible in articulating herself and she should ask for PR help every time she wants to make a statement this complex.
it's not complex tho, she's just playing a victim
All of a sudden these women are your favorite artists? please
on twitter someone said "What has she done for women except cry?" and someone said "date cops"

Also it's so funny to see people going 'she only picked on WOC, she was even on a song with miley and ariana and didn't shit on miley.' like....I have news for you about Ariana....
She’s always been like this. I haven’t trusted her ever since she said she wasn’t a feminist the first time.
When you surround yourself with pigs, you start acting like one.

Though I’m sure she has had these terrible sentiments prior to this relationship with her indigenous and black culture in the past.

how is she so fucking idiotic?
she sucks and her whisper fuck me daddy vocals suck


May 21 2020, 22:57:18 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 22:59:02 UTC

even if it was a thoughtless mistake, it still should be called out and white people should realize how comments like that come off. Implicit bias is a thing. I hate when people do this whole "I hate that this is about race". Well lucky for you, you get to pick and choose when to think about those things. We are constantly thinking about it, so yeah it's about race. This is the type of racism that is probably the most frustrating to deal with.I don't really think white people have learned to stop these mindsets and have been better at learning to be subtle about it. This is textbook 101 of a white woman playing victim. And she can miss me with the ~these are my favorite people~. It's the new "my best friend is black so I cannot be racist". Just because you love someone who isn't white doesn't mean you are completely absent of racism and I just need white people to get their fucking shit together. The sad part is people, including some in this post, will probably agree with her on the low.

Well lucky for you, you get to pick and choose when to think about those things. We are constantly thinking about it, so yeah it's about race.

speak on it!


May 21 2020, 23:10:11 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 23:12:10 UTC

It's the new "my best friend is black so I cannot be racist". Just because you love someone who isn't white doesn't mean you are completely absent of racism

ok, so i'm a white woman. the whole 'my bestie is black!!!!' bs is so fucking infuriating to hear from my fellow whites. its only ever used when they did something clearly racist but don't want to own up to it. don't even get me started on trying to explain micro aggressions to my fellow whites.

edit: i hope this doesn't sound patronizing or looking for praise, i don't mean it that way :(


May 22 2020, 01:00:48 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 03:16:09 UTC

MTE. Reading her statement again I *think* she was trying to say that she's been criticized for glamorizing abuse but that's just been her lived experience and she doesn't mean to come off that way, and not everything or everyone is strong or empowered all the time.

BUT her first statement is sexist about them "wearing no clothes," and I just don't get how she expected anyone to read that as anything but an insult. And she obviously doesn't actually listen to the music or women she cited because Beyonce and Cardi clearly show vulnerability and talk about this in their music? This idea of them not being "delicate" solely stems from her stereotypes about black women. Like, did she not listen to All Night or frickin DADDY LESSONS or any of Lemonade? Her perceptions of them is 100% bias.

Also, in addition to Beyonce there are many women that sing about abusive or being submissive and don't "glamorize" it the way she does. Listen to Pool by Paramore or FKA Twigs's most recent album.
Tbh I consider everyone who is like “love her music but...” and obviously “still going to stream but..” to be people who low key agree with her. Like how can you read her last thing (plus she’s literally called herself a centrist PLUS she’s with that cop) and find it within yourself to still compliment her in some way unless at the very very least you don’t think what she said was THAT bad - which there’s no point in splitting hairs, you agree with it.
I completely agree.
How did you even manage to make that correlation?

I love her music. I’m black, so I couldn’t disagree with her rant more, but I’ve always been able to separate the music from the person. There’s plenty of music I like from shit people.


1 week ago

it's also so frustrating when it's people of color saying, "hey this is how this is a problem" and her response is woe is me/fuck off. if you love people who aren't white so much, maybe listen to their concerns and not generalize it as "the problem with society today."
This is it.
She's stupid and racist, end of discussion. And lol at people here and elsewhere acting like her being awful is a recent development from her dating the cop, when she's been consistently showing how dumb, inconsiderate and unapologetic she is.
racist piece of shit
She’s making it worse

Just own up to the mistake and let your publicist handle it.
shut up Lana 🙄

lmao incredible
her latest album cycle was received positively lmao what a joke

that's the thing! i'm not a stan but i feel like Norman Fucking Rockwell, Looking For America, and The Greatest are some of the most mature songs i've heard from her. i guess she didn't win any big awards but i saw nothing but praise for the whole album so it's very confusing why she is whining and ruining an era of hers i actually got on board with
That’s what I found baffling. Where is all of this coming from? NFR was a hit with the critics. I think she was always one of the conservative, “I’m not racist I have black friends”, but her cop friend pushed into full on open racist
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