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22 Movie Endings That Are So Well-Executed, They Deserve An Academy Award All On Their Own

Tags: award show - academy awards, film
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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was a waste of time, and I will never understand how it was critically acclaimed and loved by people.
Seven's ending is so perfect.

The ending that made the biggest impact on me was Lanthimos' Dogtooth, the final 10-15 minutes or so. I nearly fucking died right there in a cinema, like, I thought I'd explode.

- Dheepan - a really intense French movie that I feel very few people saw, even though it won at Cannes,
- Lobster, even though it's mostly Lanthimos revisiting the Dogtooth ending to a degree,
- The Cremator, a Czechoslovakian horror/thriller thing that I found super disturbing.

...a really hipster list, but I guess it might be because for a lot of more mainstream movies I had the ending spoiled before I watched them.
Dogtooth is unforgettable.
Home Alone with the old man reuniting with his son and granddaughter always gets me.
Confessions (告白, Kokuhaku) has an amazing ending.

Also, Bong Joon ho's "Mother" has a great ending.
I'm surprised the ending of Get Out isn't on the list.


May 21 2020, 22:10:25 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 22:10:44 UTC

i can't see the thumbnail from cmbyn without thinking of the other two parodying that scene. i howled tbh, an underrated show
A great show... glad it's getting a second season!!
A few of my favorite endings are: A Ghost Story, Wicker Park, and Good Will Hunting.
Aww Wicker Park.
Wicker Park! When The Scientist kicks in... Love it.

I'm not posting it but Mommy's final scene has the best use of a Lana Del Rey song in any film and the song wasn't even written for that scene
I know everyone here hates La La Land, but I don't care, I love it.
I disliked 90% of La La Land, but for some reason I genuinely liked the last scene. It was the best part of the movie imo.
Same! I've never re-watched the movie itself, but I've watched the ending a dozen times.
Waaahh I love this scene, but it's so sad.
People give La La Land a lot of shit (some of it valid), but this scene is great
Endings are a big deal to me. Pretty much all my favorite narratives have strong endings.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
For movies, some of my favorite endings:

I don't even like the movie that much, but I love how triumphant the ending is and how hard-earned their victory is. The connection between Furiosa and Max, the looks they give each other which express gratitude, pride, and the recognition of a kindred spirit without having to say any words, the way that Max melts back into the crowd and becomes a legend (with the ending quote)....aah, it's so good lol.

One of my favorite movies and endings. I love that the last time we see Woodward/Bernstein are when they're still hard at work and not being feted for their accomplishments yet and there's still a long way to go, and that there's the implication that the investigatory work of a journalist never ends and that there are always more stories to break. The rest is history-- there's no need for any people to show up in the minute of the film, just a time lapse of the next few years of articles being typed up, with the last shot of the article being typed up of Nixon's resignation.
List is invalid cause it's missing 'Invasion'. I don't see The Avengers killing aliens with Head & Shoulders.
A lot on this list are great.

My favourite will always be Pan's Labyrinth. The image of the flower growing on the tree that she saved along with the music coming on afterwords gave me goosebumps the first time I watched it.

Others not on this list that I loved is Monster's INC (sob), The Sixth Sense, Lord of Rings (yes, even with those 5 endings) and I am sure I can come up with more.
Oh yes, Monsters' Inc!



3 days ago

Pan's Labyrinth 😭💗
sixth sense is such a solid movie
Pan's Labyrinth from beginning to end, loved the movie,
the finale of Boogie Nights always gets me

the ending of Mulholland Drive is perfection

the end of Ghost World gives me chills
I didn't understand most of Mulholland Drive when I saw it for the first time like most people, but after reading about it and watching it again. It's low key brilliant. ~Silencio~
I knew I scrolled for a reason to see if Mulholland Drive was already mentioned. Perfection indeed. <3
I love Boogie Nights so much.


3 days ago

How the FUCK is It's a Wonderful Life not on this list. The best movie ending of all time. OF ALL TIME. People literally watch it JUST for the ending!
Yes you're absolutely right and smh that I forgot to include it in my comment. It IS the best movie ending of all time, and even after all these years, after nearly twenty rewatches, I still cry every time.
So true!!!
To my big brother George, the richest man in town!

EVERY. TIME. Even writing that got me all jlsdkf;skdfj;sf


3 days ago


2 days ago

I saw it for the first time this past Christmas, and I can finally understand all the hype. Good movie.
Most of my memorable endings are in horror films.
Saw, Martyrs, À l'intérieur and The Devil's Rejects are all burned in my brain, in the best way possible.
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