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ONTD Original: Rebirth of the Modern American Rock & Roll Band

Hello everyone! No one cares, but I used to be active on here back when I was in college because I had zero social skills. However, thanks to the robust commentary from the users of yesteryear, I was able to generate witty, divisive, scathing yet loving banter with complete strangers which gave me enough courage to become involved in the music scene in the town my college was located in. I have since left, gone to grad school, lost two major job opportunities leading up to COVID and because of COVID, both of which had to do with event planning (...Live Nation...).

SO...I have taken it upon myself to do something completely selfish and entirely selfless: Share some of the best music that no one is listening to because the music industry is rigged. I care enough to dig up the stank old email I used to register this account because if anyone has the capacity to care about these issues, it is most definitely ONTD!

[is it racism]

The Vespertines

The band just isn't all white, if you catch my drift.

Their sound has gotten progressively louder and louder through the years because Vanessa Acosta, the vocalist, is clearly trying to have a breakthrough; based off the evolution of their sound, it's obvious that they've had their run-in with labels, to no avail, however. This band stands toe-to-toe with the mishmashed whisper/glare of Billie Eilish and fellow acolytes without flinching as they turn to rock & freakin roll in the other direction.

From the 2011 release One Last Time Around the Equator

A live performance from their 2014 sophomore album Areté

The name says Björk but, sonically, they are Hendrix, Joplin, Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones (yes!), Brody Dalle, Queens of the Stone Age, Sublime, Erykah Badu, all without blatantly ripping anyone off. Catch this vibe!

There are so many more artists from the scene I grew up on but many of them are no longer together. Let me know, in the comments, if there is a non-conventional artist you believe is long overdue for some recognition--the scene is brutal and if you or I don't care, then no one will. I love this music so much I want to see if this post leads to a vinyl release because OLTATE is legendary. I'm sorry if this feels like a reject Pitchfork review. Pitchfork would never though...

Last year, Lil Nas X appeared on the scene and changed country music. Yes, there have been black country stars before, but people need to be reminded that no genre of American music belongs to one race, especially so with rock because I know everyone knows where rock comes from.

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