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Lana del Rey announces new album, is not not a feminist, has questions for the culture

In a lengthy note on instagram the singer

  • for some reason brings up Beyonce, Doja, Cardi and Kehlani's songs and asks if they can sing about sexuality, why can't she write about being "embodied by being in love" and abusive relationships without being called retrograde by "female writers and alt singers"

  • claims to be not not a feminist but wants there to be a place in feminism for women who say no but men hear yes, and women who get their voices taken away from them by "stronger women" or "men who hate women"

  • announces a second book of poetry in the works. Proceeds from both books will go to Native American foundations

  • announces a new album September 5th! But does not say which year

  • also posted a photo of Jack Antonoff, but why should I repost. Safe to say he'll have a hand in the new album.


Tags: lana del rey, music / musician (pop)

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I’m fucking disgusted. Anyone not calling this out for being the racist and misogynist bullshit is it can leave tbh.

Idk what I expected from someone that would date a cop in the year 2019 though.
People will be able to see past this and go with the "I don't agree with her but this album slaps". Which okay, if that's how you wanna roll, that's fine bc lord knows I've listened to problematic artists. But it's always such a weird double standard on a racial standpoint
Where do we cross the line though? I see people supporting Ariana despite her obvious racist bs, I mean the balckfishing wasn't enough? I see people still support Nicki despite her covering for her pedophile brother, working with pedophiles and marrying a fucking murderer. And now Lana with her obviously racist rant. I love her music, but this shit's gonna taint it and I don't think I can enjoy her as an artist anymore. Madonna has amazing legacy, but she's also proved to be a racist and I can't even bother with her discography because of that.


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago

Why did this remind me of when people say how much they love MJ even w/ knowing he molested kids in mind. I just let live but im fuming inside :/


8 months ago

i just wow.

why can't u just say that part about being able to explore these relationships through your music. like a decent point was being made before devolving into a fucking hot mess.

"there has to be a place in feminism for women who look and act like me" a hetero white woman? like miss me with this girl
love how this post is still going lol

I'm on camp "can't believe she's still relevant" tbh. The SNL performance should've been it for her. That combined with her boring monothematic songs... why are people into her anymore.
and yet even after this victim impact statement dogwhistling love letter, Karen del Rey will still remain a fav to many of you


May 21 2020, 14:34:27 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 14:35:39 UTC

It reeks of dog whistles people always get on the Barbz and the Beyhive for attacking people and their faves not stepping in but this is legit a dog whistle for her racist white fans to attack these women on social media
karen del rey is perfect
You know it. [2]
"victim impact statement"

i die

Deleted comment


There's a point to be made about misogyny in the music industry and double standards for female artists, but this is... not it. No one is stopping her from writing and releasing whatever music she wants. And certainly none of the women she name drops are stopping her! This just feels like she wanted to have an excuse to be bitter toward successful female artists of color.
This post is killer but she is racist trash.
sounds just like a white woman business day to me. date a cop, dogwhistle post, talk about "the culture:
She stays consistently dumb AF
Her music since Ultraviolence just hasn't been good.
I stopped reading at "for the culture." I've never had time for her and today is no different.
lmaoooo did she really just say "excuse my glamour"
Shut up clowna del rey
That homophobic cult church she frequents and her little circle of Karens really hyped her up to post this huh. Yikes.

I see her points and it would’ve been valid if she didn’t mention those names because all it does is make her seem whiny and entitled.
U G H !!!!!! I saw this this morning as I was starting my fast and couldnt wait for the ontd post. This was terrible from start to finish
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