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Lana del Rey announces new album, is not not a feminist, has questions for the culture

In a lengthy note on instagram the singer

  • for some reason brings up Beyonce, Doja, Cardi and Kehlani's songs and asks if they can sing about sexuality, why can't she write about being "embodied by being in love" and abusive relationships without being called retrograde by "female writers and alt singers"

  • claims to be not not a feminist but wants there to be a place in feminism for women who say no but men hear yes, and women who get their voices taken away from them by "stronger women" or "men who hate women"

  • announces a second book of poetry in the works. Proceeds from both books will go to Native American foundations

  • announces a new album September 5th! But does not say which year

  • also posted a photo of Jack Antonoff, but why should I repost. Safe to say he'll have a hand in the new album.


Tags: lana del rey, music / musician (pop)

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you fucked up with this lizzy
I remember a white male college classmate of mine said LDR only has her career because of her rich dad.
I've been a fan of Lana since she came on the scene and I like her music and aesthetic but I'm well aware it's an act and a persona. She really is just a rich white girl with a paid for career. She's buggin' if she thinks her persona is real. The Shangri-La's and Dusty Springfield were some of the originals singing about tragic lives and bad love affairs, their images depended on those subjects.

It's funny how black women and or WOC always get thrown into these rants about ~real~ music and ~feminism~. A lot of white women love to throw black women and WOC under the bus.
It IS funny how she says these black artists (and uh Ari) just sing about fucking, feeling hot, cheating and everybody celebrating that and not "delicate authentic" things when uuuh Beyonce sings vibrantly about black culture, finding a way to live in a relationship which didn't turn out how you planned, and even actual feminism (not, "not not feminism"), cardis whole album title was a reference to her anger at a cheating partner and her unhealthy ways of dealing with it, doja received plenty of well earned criticism for working with Puke to get to number 1, and kehlani is highly critically acclaimed for her artistry but hardly a chart artist...

Almost like she doesn't know shit about them but think they're easy to use for a cheap point... Wonder why
Also not to necessarily defend Ari, but she also has songs about her anxiety and depression. And while I don't think ariana is a beacon of feminism, she's not singing about being submissive to a sugar daddy when she's being sexual in her music.
When I die, I want Lana to lower me into my grave, so she can let me down one last time.

claims to be not not a feminist but wants there to be a place in feminism for women who say no but men hear yes

Re: ???


May 21 2020, 12:03:41 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 12:03:57 UTC

or delicate white women who have their light stolen by the big bad strong woc 🥺👉👈
the language in this whole thing is so telling, tf is going on in her brain
I wonder what she is trying to say with that
“Say no but men hear yes”

Re: ???


8 months ago

also nobody fucking called her hysterical for being sad lmfao she was actually praised a lot for her sexy baby prostitute with a sugar daddy vibe. everyone (white) was about that aesthetic.
mte She got tons of praise and great reviews. White women always want to play the victim.
People bent time and space to defend her antics back then. IDK what she's on.
mte. i was a very online teen on tumblr during her early years AND they ate up her aesthetic. she was pretty much the icon for that alt-tumblr crowd, cherry emoji twitter, and moodboards instagram.
She was dubbed a "gangster Nancy Sinatra!" People ate up her white girl from the 1950s visited the hood and left with bamboo earrings! She is such a culture vulture and has the nerve to open her racist mouth to criticize her betters who are Black (and Ariana Grande)!
Visited the hood and left with bamboo earrings omg haha
Someone here once posted that Jack Antonoff’s name rearranged would be Jackn’ Off A Ton

And that really stayed with me lol
I can't fucking stand white women.
Like honestly this is the problem with having a persona as a musician. The fantasy will get broken eventually and people will turn on you because the reality is wildly different to the “uncomplicated, one dimensional” persona that gets to exist in a fantasyland. She can’t have it both ways.
She isn't relevant enough to be banging on about media coverage like this
Oh dear Lana. NFR was a great album. The problem with her lyrics and aesthetic was that several albums were the same subject. The sugar baby white girl give can only go a long way before it gets tired and played out. What is interesting is that all the artists she called out have shown growth and here she is trying to do the same Era over and over again. Lana girl just be quiet and put your album out.


May 21 2020, 12:13:52 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 12:15:49 UTC

nothing this white woman whose birth name is Lizzie Grant yet somehow feels the need to go by Lana del Rey does or says surprises me lmaooo. and neither does the reactions of people contorting themselves to make it seem like they hold her accountable yet let it be known they still fuck with her.

like after she came out as a centrist we could’ve tossed this cop fucker in the waste bin but nah her album was too good 😒


May 21 2020, 12:39:40 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 15:52:36 UTC

‘neither does the reactions of people contorting themselves to make it seem like they hold her accountable yet let it be known they still fuck with her.’

Mfte. Criticizing her on ontd means nothing
Elizabeth Woolridge Grant big WASP energy
it's been a long 10 years of bullshit reviews
I was deemed literally hysterical as though it was literally the 1920s


she could have written this entire stupid post without throwing other specifically named women under the bus. she says she isn't a feminist but wants to dictate what feminism defends and includes? lol fuck off. all I hear is waaahhh waaahhh feel bad for me.

twitter shall be good today. going to go settle in with my coffee and breakfast on the patio.
i'm mad i gotta go to work early because i have the time today lollll
lol oh no. im sure it'll be a mess though and some lovely person here will compile a post full of the best tweets twitter can provide that you can look at later.

have a nice day at work! :)


8 months ago

So she is racist and pro rape as she wants a pass for men who ignore consent.

I fucking hate her and have for awhile but this is a choice.
I have to laugh. Man where to start.
Lana, no. She never fails to disappoint.
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