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Lana del Rey announces new album, is not not a feminist, has questions for the culture

In a lengthy note on instagram the singer

  • for some reason brings up Beyonce, Doja, Cardi and Kehlani's songs and asks if they can sing about sexuality, why can't she write about being "embodied by being in love" and abusive relationships without being called retrograde by "female writers and alt singers"

  • claims to be not not a feminist but wants there to be a place in feminism for women who say no but men hear yes, and women who get their voices taken away from them by "stronger women" or "men who hate women"

  • announces a second book of poetry in the works. Proceeds from both books will go to Native American foundations

  • announces a new album September 5th! But does not say which year

  • also posted a photo of Jack Antonoff, but why should I repost. Safe to say he'll have a hand in the new album.


Tags: lana del rey, music / musician (pop)

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I wonder if Lana doesn’t realize that Ariana is just a person of spray on color.


May 21 2020, 11:11:30 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 11:12:00 UTC

i'm referring to ariana as this now, thank you lmaoooo

this is iconic tbh
Lmao that’s the crazy part, she likely included Ariana thinking she was POC like the other women she hates

person of may transfer to other surfaces color
she also namedropped camila cabello as if camila isn't racist lmao
I’m howling oh my god
Omg this post is delivering, y’all are hilarious
this is amazing lmao
Omg I am laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂
this is honestly Ariana's dream come true lmao
Why could she not just announce her new album without all...this.
this gets her narcissistic self more press/buzz. shameless.
Whatever. I'll still stream her music.
ooo she different
Yum who is that in your icon? 👀


8 months ago


8 months ago

Her music has been so disappointing to me ever since Ultraviolet. NFR was the best in a while, but idk. It all sounds the same.
my thoughts exactly.

and personally, i've grown out of being in emotionally abusive relationships, so i just can't relate anymore.

Deleted comment

It’s too early in the morning for this.
She didnt see what happened to Alison Roman? Stfu and stay in your white ass lane
Cop support is making her feel brave.
omfg yesterday i picked up a phone call on my boss' phone and this man goes "Hi, did you know that EVERY DAY police officers have to fear for their lives just because they're police officers? People are demonizing the police and on a crusade to kill them all!!! We're collecting money for our officers" and it took everything in me not to hang up on his ass but all our calls are recorded so i was like "sry sir this is a business number, have a nice day" and THEN hung up but i almost burst into laughter at his lil sob story for the police. these people are DELUSIONAL


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago

she really thinks she did something here doesn’t she
this FUCKING RACIST calling out mostly black women and basically being like “these brown women are sluts and im a fragile pretty white girl who deserves no critique”

im done and anyone who talks positively about her can choke

this CRACKER acting like black women havent been singing about trauma and love for decades without needing to get a botched plastic face and dating crusty old david duke dick

she only dates racists(AXL ROSE, like WTF) and THE black woman hater and abuser, asap rocky


May 21 2020, 11:13:36 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 11:14:08 UTC

and i'm clocking some people in this post glossing over it like it's nothing, very telling
It's pretty galling

Being all victimised about her desire to sing about dancing for money when Cardi lived that, didn't just gauzily daydream about it? Reducing Beyonce, a genuinely engaged feminist in a genuinely complicated and v public relationship, to singing songs about feeling sexy?

Several of the artists she lists have written the kind of songs she says she wants to with a lived experience and artistry which leaves her albums in the dust and I say that as a fan. And they've received plenty of criticism along the way. That's kind of what happens when you put art out there. Using them as shields to say nobody should talk shit about her lyrics is truly pathetic.


May 21 2020, 14:37:42 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 14:38:12 UTC

Reducing Beyonce, a genuinely engaged feminist in a genuinely complicated and v public relationship, to singing songs about feeling sexy?

that part. it took beyonce damn near her whole career to be overtly sexual


8 months ago

thank you, i can't believe how soft some of these comments have been -- she clearly has an issue with black women getting the success she thinks is owed to her boring ass


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago

the racist music industry even eats up the music she does, it's just that they don't reward her just as much as she liked.

cardi, nicki, bey, doja have received so much unnecessary sexist hate online, they're pretty much fodder for racists on reddit and twitter. she wouldn't survive the comments they say about any of these black women. i liked a lot of her music but she's pretty much out of touch from reality because all she can do is fantasize the lived experience of other people who aren't as privileged as her. she's one of the perfect examples of the person Pulp sings about on their song Common People.


8 months ago


8 months ago


It must be really hard to be the only criticized and judged female artist in the world.
Stay strong and glamorous, Lana.
ch.. lana del comatose should've just sat there and ate her xanax
damn, she should have saved this as a draft and revisited it when she wasn't in her feelings. it comes off super petulant and embarrassing and then takes it 12 steps further by calling out a bunch of woc (and ariana) mostly RAPPERS for 'being sexy' and singing about 'fucking' (?) like o.m.g. put this woman on karen watch she's about to flip shit at red lobster
lol exactly what i expect from someone who had a cop boyfriend
THAT PART, what else did we expect?!
I mean, tea
You right tho. Can’t trust cops or cop adjacents.
also how dare she fucking start her post with “questions for the culture”

WHAT CULTURE KRACKER KAREN?! using a term created by black people.. to begin generalizing mostly black women as hypersexual in comparison to her demure white feminine love

white women are so fucking horrible
omggggg whyyyy was I about to post another comment about this BULLSHIT?!!! Black people ARE the culture so she needs to sit the fuck down with that, I remember her using "pull up you know the addy" to azealia banks that one time I was girl shut theeeee fuck up
its so despicable. i cant wait till everyone wakes up and roasts her.


8 months ago

lmao seriously I side-eyed that so hard. "the culture" I'd love to hear her listen to try and define what that even fucking means to her, lmao


May 21 2020, 13:27:08 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 13:27:38 UTC

does she think 'the culture' refers to popular culture..


8 months ago

yeah that was the first thing I noticed and it gave me full body cringe
oh honey
She and Grimes could not have disappointed me more if they tried.
Yeah I like both their music but they've both always been true morons with garbage opinions. They're vacuous, only interested in themselves, and never take valid or well intentioned criticism on board.
grimes has always been fake deep, but at least she was kooky that translated well for a very online fanbase. lana was shy and dismissive of her fans for a long time.
this reminds me of the interview they did with each other where they were talking about how natural disasters are so exciting lol
can we have a ONTD post of Grimes mother trashing Elon Musk on Twitter?
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