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Lana del Rey announces new album, is not not a feminist, has questions for the culture

In a lengthy note on instagram the singer

  • for some reason brings up Beyonce, Doja, Cardi and Kehlani's songs and asks if they can sing about sexuality, why can't she write about being "embodied by being in love" and abusive relationships without being called retrograde by "female writers and alt singers"

  • claims to be not not a feminist but wants there to be a place in feminism for women who say no but men hear yes, and women who get their voices taken away from them by "stronger women" or "men who hate women"

  • announces a second book of poetry in the works. Proceeds from both books will go to Native American foundations

  • announces a new album September 5th! But does not say which year

  • also posted a photo of Jack Antonoff, but why should I repost. Safe to say he'll have a hand in the new album.


Tags: lana del rey, music / musician (pop)
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Lana sis


May 21 2020, 12:44:05 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 12:44:39 UTC

Should've sat there and ate her jello with her geriatric daddies
This statement is so dumb, oh my god. There's a valid point in there somewhere about the misogyny of some reviews of her music but the rest is a mess.


May 21 2020, 10:21:57 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 12:28:23 UTC

she has a tiny nugget of a point here but there was no reason for her to bring up Beyonce, Doja etc besides just being racist.

i do think women’s music is sometimes held up to weird higher standards where people are more likely to assume it’s autobiographical and can’t just be music. There were several good posts about this on tumblr regarding Mitski’s music and how people handle it vs how they handle mens music. but then she had to name drop women more successful and talented and her and bring charting into it and she lost me.

Edit: nah now that I reread her statement properly I realize I was giving her way too much credit. she’s being racist, misogynistic and jealous and nasty with this statement. she should’ve just kept her mouth shut and announced the new album.
Also, why is she acting like she's gotten MORE criticism than Bey and Nicki. Was she absent for 2018-2019 when Nicki (rightfully sometimes) got raked through coals and in 2016 when people were saying Beyonce wearing a black panther outfit is similar to the KKK. Have some perspective sis
Beyonce gets so much criticism from (racist) mainstream media, from her music to just getting pregnant. You’d have to live under a rock to not know that. Lana hasn’t gotten any major backlash since her SNL performance


5 days ago


5 days ago


5 days ago

She doesn't pay an ounce of attention to or even consider people outside of her white bubble tbh.
This is the problem with white women. They have no fucking clue


5 days ago


5 days ago


5 days ago

how are people handling Mitski's music? i love her but haven't delved into her fandom other than seeing comments on youtube saying sad rolling around on the beach is their new gay-sthetic because of her
So she puts an Alison Roman, huh. I stopped after reading she name dropped a bunch of WOC artists.
Quarantine made (rich) white people UNHINGED, yo.
claims to be not not a feminist ...still? i thought we'd moved past this Lana
Did we? I always remember her saying feminism bored her and that she would rather talk about time travel and intergalactic possibilities.
I thought she'd admitted that her earlier stance on feminism was misinformed but I don't remember where I'd gotten that from so idk really
she says she’s “not not” a feminist which would be easy to miss in this super long insta post


5 days ago

the way she about to get her ass obliterated by stans lmaoooo, she deserves it! and what culture?!?! girl fuck you
I’m glad Lana Del Rey paved the way for sad woman music. Never before had a woman in song had such a range of emotion.
Well, it's good to see that she's officially dropping her race play fantasies to go full white woman with this statement and sentiment. That cop boyfriend of hers sure has worked wonders
it reeks of proud aryan white woman
It's very 'I was a WILD CHILD~ but now I'm a country club lady'. Like girl, shut up 🙄
It's peak white people tbh. This is not different imo than me hearing white people give me shit for getting to the same marine science program insinuating it was because of affirmative action.
"I'm a glamorous person"

Playing dress up doesn't make you glamorous, Lizzie
oof, all woc she's calling out, nagl

I didn't really check for her all that much but GODDAMN the yt karen privilege here is off the charts
Ariana is white, but clearly her race play has helped white people think of her as Latina
I completely skipped over her name, but the fact that she chose that many women... GORL
She doesn’t agree with equal rights for women.

That’s all I heard.
You know i dont even really like any of songs in the charts rn but this is embarrassing
what the hell

Deleted comment

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