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Lana del Rey announces new album, is not not a feminist, has questions for the culture

In a lengthy note on instagram the singer

  • for some reason brings up Beyonce, Doja, Cardi and Kehlani's songs and asks if they can sing about sexuality, why can't she write about being "embodied by being in love" and abusive relationships without being called retrograde by "female writers and alt singers"

  • claims to be not not a feminist but wants there to be a place in feminism for women who say no but men hear yes, and women who get their voices taken away from them by "stronger women" or "men who hate women"

  • announces a second book of poetry in the works. Proceeds from both books will go to Native American foundations

  • announces a new album September 5th! But does not say which year

  • also posted a photo of Jack Antonoff, but why should I repost. Safe to say he'll have a hand in the new album.


Tags: lana del rey, music / musician (pop)

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not to defend ha but I be feeling glamourous in my silk robe with leggings as my quarantine outfit lmao
Oh, I sashay around in my silk turban and my Target (cotton) robe and think I'm Ms. Dorothy Dandridge. Glamour is a state of mind and those of us who know, know. But sir, she is at the GRAMMYS in that dastardly dress that look like she got it from the clearance rack of a Dress Barn and she's running her racist mouth talking about "I'm a glamaRUSS PURSON." I think the fuck not!
it was legit kind of them to include those photos and not the grand majority where she's dressed like a walmart mom about to yell at a manager



8 months ago

She hasn’t been glamorous since 2013. She had help from a stylist when she got famous but obviously it went out the window
everything about this is so so so ugly
Post of the year.
mte. this HIT thread.
I love a lot of her music, especially Norman Rockwell, but this rant was peak white feminism lol. What was the reason, Lana?


May 21 2020, 18:06:12 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 18:06:43 UTC

she's the epitome of this gif watching black women succeed

LMFAO I've never seen this gif go longer than the part with the curtains
she has never known when to shut the fucking fuck up
Idgaf, still can’t wait for album 7 <3 Y’all can stay combusting at Lana for the next five eras (serve those White Hot Forever teas).
I’m so mad I had to work and get nasty with coworkers via email so I missed this. I unfortunately read her statement multiple times and I still don’t know why (I do) she mentioned those artists instead of the critics.

Hope she enjoys the attention
whewwww chillay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lana is such trash. This rant is racist, misogynistic, and overall disgusting. She clearly feels "threatened" by other women (especially women of color) and their success. Also it always rubbed me the wrong way how she romanticizes/sexualizes Lolita and abusive relationships.
also the people that haven't commented on ONTD in a while and are being edgy talking about they don't care and we should be mad. Keep that same energy when a POC read you IRL for feeling that way. Better not see a damn tear fall out them crusty eyelids either.
Oh, you know these crusty bitches will make a video about how they were attacked~ and felt so unsafe~
louder for the people in the back!!!
they will show their icons whenever a black female singer does something problematic, you'll see
Loved popping in, missed y'all xx
Dammit Lana, I'm not going to read your long ass essay.

Can someone do a follow up post with the Beyhive and Barbz reactions?

Deleted comment

I read her response, "teen mom suicide pact music" oh my god lolol.

Deleted comment

I don't care Lana just play the music, please stop talkingggg
oh my god i can not believe she legitimately wrote and posted this.

what a dumbass.


May 21 2020, 19:14:51 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  May 21 2020, 21:22:35 UTC

any reason why she pointed out woc (minus ari)????????

glad her true colors are shining. her music sucks.

can't wait to hear what ab thinks lol
“When in reality I’m just a glamorous person” lmao so embarrassing.
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