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The View: Nick Cannon, Dr Atul Gawande, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Matt Lauer Says Things

NYT published an article calling into question the journalistic ethics and approach of Ronan Farrow, eg not always fact checking, or not always corroborating sources. Matt Lauer followed up with his own article in Mediate, also calling into question lack of fact checking and corroborating sources, with Lauer himself contacting some of Farrow’s sources, who went on the record to not back up Farrow’s claims. Panel drags Matt Lauer. Joy and Meghan argue about the same thing, even though they agree in principle, because Meghan. (Both believe that a person’s claims should be heard, and then investigated objectively). Sunny makes the right points re/Christine Blasey Ford. The end.

Hot Topic The Covid 15

People on lockdown are stress eating. 50% of women are reporting that they’re gaining weight. Eg The Covid 15 lbs. Joy talks about craving comfort food carbs. Jokes /getting larger will keep people at least 6 ft apart. You’ll be larger, but not sick! Meghan says leave it alone, why aren’t men being talked about. Sunny is enjoying her wine, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. She lives out of the city so she’s been able to be outside a lot more and loves it. Hanging out with chickens and bee-keeping. And more wine. Whoopi is a bougee girl. She has to clean her house, but she doesn’t want to. Tried to make a lasagna. It was bad. Shows some video. Joy has been making a cake. Jokes about whip cream on the side and cake-gate taking the place of lasagna-gate.

Hot Topic Dr Atul Gawande

Talks about reopening. We have to behave like we may have the virus without symptoms, and take effort not to give it to someone else. T45 taking hydroxyfjksldjine (except now he’s quitting it). Promote the 3 main priorities again 1-wear a mask 2-wash your hands 3-social distance. Minor symptoms may mean you have the virus and should get a test, which is more available now. Meghan brings up Moderna who is working on a vaccine. Dr AG says they’ve greatly accelerated the speed with which vaccine evolution takes place but in the meantime we need to make sure we stay focused on other preventive measures.

We’ve flattened the curve so the lockdowns worked. Sunny brings up antibodies, if you have them, can you return to work or be around others. Dr AG says the antibodies test is still too high with false-positive so it’s not robust enough to rely on yet. Meghan asks about USS Roosevelt where 1,100 crew were infected, then two months later 14 tested positive again. Are we not immune. Dr AG says they’re examining the tests further, in that the second positive tests show dead virus, not active virus, doesn't see this as a reason to be alarmed. Joy asks about child inflammatory condition, and also returning to campuses in the fall. [He mistakes campus with (child summer) camp but the answers mostly apply]. Sunny gets him on track with campus (lol), talks about how schools should progress.

Hot Topic Nick Cannon

Technical difficulties with Whoopi setup. Sunny has some sound issues also.

Promoting The Masked Singer. Also he completed his college degree while on lockdown. Talks about books he’s read. He reads two books a week, one for fun and one for study. Graduated from Howard University. Traveled 2x week to DC. Beginning of his academic journey. Has now a B.A. in Criminology and will be pursuing his Masters in Neuro-Psychology, maybe will go for PhD. Explains his commencement speech. Meghan asks about his kids, 9 yr old twins with Mariah, and a 3 yr old. NC says things about being a father, iPads, TikToks, sharing quality time, virtual birthday party for the twins. Says The Masked Singer has been a lot of fun. Says finale will set records!

Ontd have you gained weight on lockdown?

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