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Succession's hit song "L to the OG" is now available to stream

+ HBO and WaterTower Music today released an official version of Kendall Roy’s rap opus “L to the OG.”
+ Featured on the 8th episode of Season 2 "Dundee", Kendall’s “L to the OG” is a song written to commemorate 50 years of Logan Roy running Waystar Royco.

+ The rap was inspired by a real life event. "We watched this Instagram video of Mikey Hess, a billionaire oil heir, who celebrated his 40th birthday by rapping onstage with Nelly. It’s quite committed and good. He’s doing it with conviction,” Jeremy Strong says. “It clicked for me when I saw that."
+ Nicholas Britell composed the beat from a remix of a Bach prelude and actually performed the rap for Strong.
+ Jeremy didn't want the cast to hear the song beforehand and practiced A LOT. He also designed the baseball jersey Kendall wore during the scene.
+ Jeremy seems willing to perform again after this experience. "Speaking for Kendall, he’s fully ready to go back into the studio and record a solo album with Nick, if the viewers demand it.”

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