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New Public Venues Survey isn't very encouraging for Hollywood

Variety has posted the results of a survey on the thought on events and public gatherings and things are not very encouraging.

Here are the results:

  • 70% say they would rather see a firstrun movie at home on digital rental then see it at a movie theater if costs are roughly the same and they have the ability to choose either option.

  • 37% say they will go less often to a movie theater, a jump of 9% since the question was last asked of them in March. 10% say they may never go back.

  • 52% say they will attend less public events, even after the CDC and local governments say it's safe to do so. 60% say the idea of going to a large public event will scare them for a long time, up a whopping 13% from March.

  • 39% say they will attend less concerts, 36% amusement parks, and 33% theater and performing arts. All increased from the March survey.

  • 51% say it will take a few months after Broadway opens up for them to see a show again. 16% say they may never go back.

  • 61% say mandatory face coverings will increase their likelyhood of attending any public event.

  • 67% say they will watch the sports they follow when they return, even without fans in attendance.

  • 90% say they will truly only ever be comfortable going to events once a vaccine is found.


Tags: broadway / theatre, concert / tour dates, covid-19, film, sports / athletes

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