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The View: Mike Kelly, Rebecca Jarvis, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

TidePodTrump© claims he’s taking hydroxyjfklwliwjine plus Zinc plus maybe Z-pack (which is for a bacterial infection not a viral infection?) which is probably a lie because he always lies and even the official letter from WH Physician is carefully worded and doesn’t confirm an actual prescription. What a snake oil salesman. The side effects alone. He lies and hides everything so why is he even claiming this. Meghan said blah blah.

Hot Topic Katy Perry is Getting on Orlando Bloom Nerves

Plays clip. Meghan thinks it’s like marriage on acid. Joy gives praise for her husband who has become the tech guru for her wfh setup. Sunny says after almost 22 yrs marriage he’s finally gotten to his honey-do list.

Hot Topic Rep Mike Kelly (R-PA)

One of the hosts in this segment doesn’t have their phone on silent. It pinged with text and blinged with email notifications several times

Congressman Mike Kelly survived a nasty battle with coronavirus but is still suing the Pennsylvania to reopen because of course. Says his doctor prescribed hydroxyjfksjjkfine in the early days. Blah blah Constitution blah blah daily Mass. These people are a lost cause. He’s 72 yrs old and has Type II Diabetes. Also took Z-pack which is for bacterial infection not viral infection (what is happening?!) More blah blah nanny state. Optional masks, gloves, social distancing always ignores that people can be asymptomatic.

Hot Topic ABC Business Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca covers business, economics, and technology for ABC. 36M are unemployed. Talks about routine health care falling by the wayside while everything is focused on virus, such as cancer screenings and childhood vaccinations. More discussion on mental health issues and domestic violence increasing. By end of year, estimated 250M people globally may be facing starvation. Even if businesses officially open, the consumers may still hold back. They say a lot without really saying anything.

More of the same. Says everyone needs to reassess their personal budget. Talk to your bank or lender about mortgage, car loans, or other revolving debt. Taking money from 401K should be absolute last resort. Fees for taking out money are waived but you still have to pay taxes on the income you withdraw. Ride it out if you can.

Ontd are you going to take hydroxyfjdklsajkldine?

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