Olga Pataki (britneyspears) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Olga Pataki

Sims rival Paralives shows off new character creator as Patreon support surges

- Paralives is an upcoming life simulation indie game funded solely through Patreon
- So far the campaign is making $18,000 per month in donations. It is shaping up to be The Sims' first major rival
- Players will get to design houses, create characters, and manage their lives inside a simulated city
- Compared to The Sims, Paralives has more of a focus on building and designing the 'dollhouse' home the Parafolk (lol) live in
- The game aims to have advanced building tools, an open-world neighborhood (no loading screens!), and fully customizable furniture and characters
- No word yet if the developers realize the title sounds like the word "paralyze"

Here is a character creator trailer released today:

"Maggie is our first Para and we're really excited to reveal her!

Paralives has an advanced character editor named Paramaker. It allows you to change the height of your Parafolks, the shape and size of different body parts, the color of different elements with a color wheel and much more."

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