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Kristen Bell Says She and Dax Shepard Didn't Talk for Three Days During Quarantine

I regret to inform you all that the Dax Shepard/Kristen Bell coupling is at it again. During an appearance on E's Daily Pop on Monday, Kristen was asked if she ever gets mad at Dax for the personal things he shares about their relationship on his podcast and in interviews. Kristen said that she doesn't because she trusts that he has her best interests at heart. "Even if my knee-jerk reaction is, Why did he share that?!, my second thought isn't, He's out to get me."

She further reasoned: "We decided a long time ago that there was sort of no getting around it. We could try to take all questions about our relationship off the table for the rest of our lives and just be incredibly boring, or we could sort of open the kimono- as they say- and allow people to see what our marriage is like."

She added that while she has been enjoying lockdown because she's a homebody, she and Dax didn't start smoothly. "We started quarantine needing a little marriage house cleaning. We had a huge fight and then we didn't talk for three and a half days, and then we made up and now we're fine."

The couple previously told Katie Couric they had been "at each other's throats" since they began quarantine.

Source, YouTube
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