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DC Media Roundup: Stargirl soars! The B is back? Doom Patrol returns and more!

-Stargirl has officially arrived on DCUniverse! After a year of delay it premiered today on DCUniverse and will air Tuesdays on TheCW.

-With some episodes, most notably 1x01/1x02 coming around 50mins long, TheCW will air edited versions of the episode. They estimate about 10mins will be sliced from each episode but wont take away from the overall story.

-This is the 3rd live action version of Stargirl in the past 10 years with the 1st version premiering on Smallville back in 2010.

-While Harley & Ivy deal with their post-kiss awkwardness, the President tells Gordon that he must get rid of Harley to put Gotham back on the map.

-In the season finale of Batwoman they were allowed to finally introduce Bruce Wayne! But not how would think....

-The villain known as Hush takes on Bruce Waynes face and will be parading around Gotham as the playboy millionaire.

-Warren Christie is the official CW version of Bruce Wayne

-WB is putting WWs August premiere date in the hands of Christopher Nolans new film 'Tent' that is scheduled to open in July.

-Should 80% of theaters fail to reopen by Tenets premiere date, WB would look into pushing the film to August while moving Wonder Woman to December.

-DC Comics has announced Harley Quinn #75 will the last volume in its current run. It joins Supergirl and The Terrifics in comic cancellation.

-No word on when the title will come with a new #1 and creative team

-Doom Patrol is back on HBOMAX starting 6/25.

-Is expected to continue to air on DC Universe as well.

-TheCW has announced that the next big crossover will be a 2hr event that shows Superman/Lois joining forces with Batwoman to face an unknown threat.

-Supergirl was supposed to become Batwomans best friend and crossover but with COVID and Melissas pregnancy it seems that things have shift gears.

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