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The View: Rita Wilson, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

More protesters, now they’re turning on reporters. Plays clip of T45 cult. Odds that any of -those particular people- are poverty stricken or struggling = 0%. Media needs to stop giving a voice to the screaming minority while the silent majority (79%) are still in favor of restrictions that will slow the spread. The reason that trust in media has plummeted can be directly linked to a-creation of Fox News and b-T45 gaslighting and antagonism. 1984 in real life. No one disputes availability of reporting on objective conservative vs liberal perspectives, but that’s different from flat out lying, propaganda, sowing discord.

See: Fox News who called the virus a hoax, then promoted hydro drug, now T45 says he’s taking it (lies), and Fox News is saying ‘don’t take it, it’s dangerous’. Yes for real.

Hot Topic Class War

Peggy Noonan wrote a NYT column about class war. Meghan says blah blah about Barstool Sports who has equated flattening the curve to finding a cure. Joy talks about when she was previously poor and remembers what it was like to not know how she was going to pay for xyz necessities. House passed another stimulus bill but Senate GOP are whining and don’t want to pass it. sunny also grew up poor and previously lived paycheck to paycheck. Most people don’t want to be freeloaders who never want to get back to work. Stop giving all these bailouts to corporations while leaving the average (or below average) American financially behind. Meghan started to tantrum but Whoopi cut her off. Lol.

Hot Topic Barack Obama Commencement

Obama gave a 10 min speech to graduates. Plays partial clip. Pouty McFussypants went on a tirade and said the worst things about an ex-President. T45 is such a complete trash human re/how he behaves. Everything that drives him is out of jealousy of Obama. Sunny was nostalgic for a time of someone [decent] in the White House. Had her son and his friends watch the speech on a big screen outside (safe, like a drive-in). All were inspired. Meghan says blah blah. Has the audacity to say the culture war was ushered in by Obama. Yes she said those words. People are at the point, where as humans, they miss all the former Presidents from Clinton Bush Obama because people are fed up with T45 the cretin.

I’m a nerd, I watched the graduation show, it was good. You can find all of it on YT or Obama 10 min speech on his Twitter.

Hot Topic Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance

Plays clip. MJ cries again. More memes for the GOAT. Panel talks about him as a phenom vs a real person. Sunny thought things. Meghan loved it, compelling television, thinks MJ was so focused on being the best vs whether he was tough on his teammates. Joy likened it to others brilliant in their field, who were berated if they weren’t always nice and perfect enough. Whoopi thinks sometimes when you’re that much better you have to light a stick of dynamite to get everyone on board /analogy.

Hot Topic Rita Wilson

Plays intro clip. Rita Wilson is promoting her song Where is My Country Song and also Bachelor Listen to Your Heart finale. Talks about her and Tom Hanks having covid. They have antibodies. Hanks has already donated plasma, and she’s doing it next week. Also talks about When We All Vote, in partnership with Barack and Michelle Obama. Bipartisan effort to exercise our right to vote. Explains how it will work plus pushes taking the census, early voting, voting by mail. Also in People Beautiful issue, not wearing makeup, looks fabulous. RW didn’t hear all the question but eventually gives generic answer about appearance that is applicable. Song is a tribute to hardworking moms, including her own, RW talks about her mom and the essence of the song.

I’ve never heard her sing, she has a nice voice

Ontd did you go outside this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather (if you had beautiful weather)?

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