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Scotland's MP Criticizes Neil Gaiman for Traveling 11,000 Miles to His Scottish Vacation Home

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The saga of Neil Gaiman continues. As it turns out, Gaiman did not even flee from New Zealand to his primary home in Cambridge, England. He fled to his vacation home in Scotland. Gaiman was under quarantine in New Zealand with wife Amanda Palmer, but fled 11,000 miles (17,700 km) to the UK because he "needed some space."

Scotland's MP, Ian Blackford, has publicly chastised the author after people brought it to his attention that the author traveled to Scotland during lockdown. Says Mr. Blackford:

"What is it about people, when they know we are in the middle of lockdown that they think they can come here from the other side of the planet, in turn endangering local people from exposure to this infection that they could have picked up at any step of the way?"

But Gaiman feels entitled to the travel because:

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