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An ONTD investigation: Alison Roman's beef with the stars of Bon Appetit and other chefs

Alison Roman, once the darling of the New York media scene and white Brooklyn hipsters, is no longer this quarantine's anointed cooking goddess. She has been knocked off her pedestal after a diastrous interview in which she came after Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo, two Asian women.

After fierce backlash, she released an apology on Twitter, calling her remarks tone deaf and saying she needs to understand "the difference between being unfiltered and honest. vs being uneducated and flippant." But not everyone bought it, as evidenced by what the stars of Bon Appetit have liked on Twitter and Instagram and what friends/family of these BA stars' have stated on social media.

Alison Roman, before coming to the New York Times, worked at Bon Appetit from 2011 to 2015 as a food editor. This very, very scientific™ analysis will attempt to shed a little bit of light on some of the dynamic at the BA kitchen and how other chefs perceive her. I have no definitive conclusions about whether they truly loathe each other, as the clues are contradictory. I only present them to you and can only hope it starts a robust discussion. Let us look at the evidence shall we?

First up: Carla Lalli and Alison Roman

Carla Lalli, food editor at large at Bon Appetit, has liked a series of tweets and Instagram posts shading Alison. Lalli has worked at Bon Appetit since 2011. Here's what she liked:

Exhibit A: A post from a New Yorker critic about Alison Roman's apology.

Exhibit B: Instagram account Cherry Bombe wrote a long post about the feud, stating that "women calling other women sell outs and bitches for their hard-earned accomplishments is not acceptable."
Note: Other BA staffers to have liked this post include Gaby Melian, Amiel Stanek (whom Alison stayed with, along with his wife Lauren, for some weeks around the time the coronavirus crisis began. Amiel later liked Alison's apology post on Insta) and Priya Krishna.

Exhibit C:

+ many more like this.

However, in the recent past, Carla and Alison seemed chummy, like here:

Molly Baz and Alison Roman

These two do not follow one another on Instagram. Samantha Corinne, Molly Baz's sister-in-law, posted this on the Insta post where Alison Roman apologized: "You have been callous and competitive with many other women in the industry behind the scenes, will they also be receiving a self reflective apology?" This was flagged by maybejessmaybe.

She later commented: "it's def not my place to start anything, but she knows that she has treated more than just these two women poorly. Just because they didn't go public, doesn't mean they don't also deserve an apology."

UNrelated to Bon Appetit, but someone also commented on Alison's Insta post, and said that she had bad experiences with Alison Roman:

Sohla El-Waylly and Alison Roman

According to donutism, Sohla may have unfollowed Alison on Instagram. I can't independently verify whether Sohla was following Alison before the crisis unfolded, but trust my fellow ONTD carb lover. Whether or not she wasn't, we know for sure Sohla is not following her now.

Alex Delaney and Alison Roman

Alison Roman agrees with a tweet that ranks Alex Delaney dead last in a ranking of Bon Appetit faves:

Unnamed Asian women and Alison Roman

A former GQ editor said that Alison Roman has a history of being toxic toward Asian women.

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, my eyes and the people in the ONTD comments section who flagged this material in the first place. Bless you all. Unlike Alison Roman, I would like other people to be credited for the work that I take from them. If I have missed anything, please let me know and I will update the post.
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