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Tenet & Summer Movies: An Update

Deadline has provided an update on the evergoing saga of whether Tenet (and what's left of summer movies) will keep its scheduled opening in two months.

- Sources say that Warner Bros will need at least 80% of theaters worldwide to be open in order to justify its date, including those in NYC, LA, and San Fran. A film financer broke that down to about 3,500 theaters domestically and 30,000 worldwide.
- If signs point to that not happening within the next three weeks, then the film moves, effectively canceling summer movie season, and more than likely causing a cascading effect on the release schedule for the rest of the year.
- Theaters owner hear that if its delayed it could be given WW1984's August release, but a one-month delay would make little sense.
- There is also the issue that theater's won't survive at 30-50% capacity, even if people like Disney CEO Bob Chapek say they can.
- All that said, sources say the film is a good one.

Deadline also conducted a "Return to Theaters" survey. While outright going back was even split among likely and unlikely, the percent of return increased the more safety measures were put in place. Respondents were very much in favor of hand sanitizer stations, limited showtimes, face mask requirements and temperature checks.

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