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21 (5) Asian Male Celebs That Have Us Feeling Oh So Very Thirsty

Here are 5 in no particular order, courtesy of BuzzFeed writers Michelle Kim and Steffi Cao.

Manny Jacinto
“Is this allowed? Is this LEGALLY allowed? How can Manny Jacinto be this beautiful?”
That jawline tho.

Joshua De La Cruz
“It wasn't so long ago when Nickelodeon announced their new host for Blues Clues & You, Josh Dela Cruz. Not only is he an amazing spot of Filipinx representation for millions of children, the internet quickly uncovered the fact that our kuya is also FINE.”

Dev Patel
“Lions made us cry almost as much as watching Dev Patel's journey from his debut on Skins to now. Look at this man.”

Choi Minho
“Known by Shinee fans as ‘Flaming Charisma Minho,’ there’s no denying that K-pop’s OG boyfriend, Choi Minho, helped lead the way in popularizing the genre.”

Simu Liu
“It’s our Subtle Asian Traits fave and also Kim’s Convenience certified stallion, Simu Liu!”
Stream Kim’s Convenience on Netflix!

Visit the source for the full list.

Thoughts? Who would you add to the list?
Plz provide photos. 👀

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