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The View: Chris Christie, Tracy Morgan, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny

Meghan is `off` today

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Dr Bright Testifies to Senate

Whistleblower Dr Bright testified to Senate Committee yesterday. Dire message. Reminding again that TidePodTrump© dismantled the pandemic team, ignored the pandemic playbook, and defunded the pandemic response. Joy said it reminded her of The China Syndrome. Politicizing the science is peak gaslighting. Is it incompetence, indifference, or willful narcissism [narrator: all of the above]. Vaccine in 12-18 mos is unrealistic, probably will take longer*. Even GOP member of cmte is saying whistleblower should be heard, raises serious allegations.

*After the 1918 Flu Pandemic, the first large scale flu vaccine became available in 1945

Hot Topic Chris Christie Wants You to Die

This guy. Whoopi asks who is Chris Christie sacrificing. Who are you willing to give up. Lol. He compares it to sacrifice of soldiers in war, or Hurricane Sandy. The panel drags him, as they should.

CC doesn’t support the racist neckbeard weaponized yahoos protesting Governor Whitmer. Nothing else useful said.

Hot Topic Trump Hates His Own Cult Followers

Plays clip. T45 used to go on Stern all the time. The people who T45 hates the most are the people who follow him the most fervently. Stern pulls no punches, he’s rich enough to say what he wants, and takes to task his own audience, many of whom are T45 supporters. Sunny isn’t a Stern listener, but agrees with Stern about T45 being a poseur. He’s always been smoke and mirrors, a charlatan huckster.

Hot Topic Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is promoting Scoob where he plays Captain Caveman, and his returning show The Last OG. Scoob is available on VOD or rent through Amazon Prime Video. The Last OG can be seen on TBS. He also thanks essential workers and jokes about it not being fun to be in quarantine with him and something about lasagna.

I need to re-watch 30 Rock!

Was Scooby Doo and the Gang Your Childhood Favorite?

Yes but with Scooby Snacks

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