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9-1-1's Queerbaiting attempts with Buck and Eddie have convinced Jennifer Love Hewitt it'll happen.

So, 9-1-1 is probably one of the shows with most queerbaiting moments. For those of you that don't know...(plays classical music)

Queer-baiting. Verb. A marketing technique used to attract queer viewers to a television or film, that involves creating romantic or sexual tension between two same-sex characters (usually heterosexual) but never making it canon or evolving on it.

Unlike other queerbaiting shows, 9-1-1 fans do think Buck (Oliver Stark) and Eddie (Ryan Guzman) can end up together because it's a Ryan Murphy show, and his shows are pretty diverse (9-1-1 has a poc lesbian firefighter and her wife, and a Angela Basset's gay ex-husband as part of their regular cast. In it's spin-off, 9-1-1 Lone Star, Rob Lowe's son is a gay firefighter, his boyfriend is a latino gay cop, and there's a FTM trans firefighter).

Jennifer Love Hewitt (who plays sister to one of the half of the couple) has fallen for 9-1-1's queerbaiting and thinks there's no way they won't end up together.

[Here are some examples of 9-1-1 queerbaiting with Buck and Eddie.]Here's some of 9-1-1 queerbaiting offenses:

The one time they introduced Eddie as a sexy firefighter and 'rival' to Buck.

The one time at Christmas an elf thought they were a gay couple and he didn't correct her:

The one time he got really involved with an old gay couple:

That one time the actual show included a case in which people on a chat were talking about how they should be together:

The one time Buck had to tell Eddie he lost Cristopher (Eddie's son) in a Tsunami (as you do):

... and the subsequent 'now kiss' scene.

The one time they fought cause Eddie misses him (there was a lawsuit or something, i'm not watching for plot).

The one time they have a couple discussion that ends up in a 'yeah, i'm not breaking off this hug because i have feelings for you'.

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ONTD, have you been trapped by a Queerbaiting show?
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