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How to Get Away With Murder Series Finale: How did it all end?

So what happened in the series finale of HTGAWM?

[Spoiler (click to open)]
- Annalise won her trail.
- During the press conference at the steps of the courthouse, Frank came up and shot the governer. Someone (not show who, some cops maybe) shot him down and he died in Bonnie's arms who came running to him. Annalise then noticed that Bonnie was also shot, and Bonnie died in Annalise's arms.
- Connor wanted to pay for his sins, and went to jail for 5 years, he asked Oliver for a divorce.
- Michaela walked away scott free but no one wanted anything to do with her.
- So who killed Annalise, then? The answer: No one. She died of old age about 30-40 years in the future. That wasn't Wes at her funeral but Wes and Laurel's son Christoph, who looks exactly like his dad. Laurel, Connor and Oliver (not divorced after all) were all at Annalise funeral in bad old people make-up.
- Eve spoke it Annalise's funeral.
- Michaela was not at Annalise's funeral, though we do see that she became a judge.
- - Nate did not die. He got a $20M settlement for hIs pOpS' death and built a justice center for inmates from the money. (Reminder: He killed two people with his bare hands, one of whom was innocent).
- The final scene is Christoph walking into Middleton as professor of the same class Annalise taught in the first episode. He mentions Annalise was his mentor and writes "How to Get Away With Murder" on the board. End scene.

Read an interview from the creator of the show at the source.

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