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ONTD Original: Horror & Post-MeToo Hollywood

Director Jovanka Vuckovic recently took to Twitter to express concern over allegations of child molestation against genre producer, Adam Donaghey, being ignored - if not outright buried - by the genre and indie film communities:

Most troubling are not just the allegations against Donaghey, but other worms found beneath the lifted rock, as expressed by community insiders following social media exposure of the incident.

Nearly three years after the #MeToo dam burst, the entertainment industry is still broken. But are we ever going to reach culpability - or just more lip service?

This year, a sixteen-year-old girl alleged on Facebook that thirty-nine-year-old Adam Donaghey molested her on the set of the 2017 film A Ghost Story (you might remember it for its other infamous player, Casey Affleck). The film was directed by David Lowery, who denied any knowledge of Donaghey's behavior.

Donaghey was taken into custody on April 27th; he was immediately released after posting a $25,000 bail the following day.

Donaghey worked closely with genre notables Fangoria and Cinestate. (Reps for both also denied any knowledge of his behavior.)

His recent credits as producer are expansive, including Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (2018), Porno (2019), Satanic Panic (2019), VFW (2019), and Castle Freak (2020), as well as many others in post-production.

Despite the public denials from just about everyone who had worked closely with Donaghey, Vuckovic made it clear that this behavior - and, in turn, those complicit by covering it up - is nothing new in the horror community:

Vuckovic's singling out of those choosing to work with predators could mean anyone from convicted child molestor Victor Salva, who directed outspoken #MeToo activist, Rose McGowan, in 2011's Rosewood Lane (and whose upcoming Jeepers Creepers 4 will be produced by Myriad Pictures), to director-producer Eric England, behind 2013's Contracted and 2019's Greenlight (he's been since removed from the IMDB page of the latter), who is now facing sexual assault allegations of his own - or perhaps, even, a certain son of a famous director. (Judging by discussion on Twitter, the possibilities are endless.)

Other women in the horror community joined the conversation.

Producer/Director, Micheline Pitt:

Directors, Jen and Sylvia Soska:

Actor, Barbara Crampton:

Screenwriter, April Wolfe:

In Vuckovic's thread, a genre journalist added further context to the original Dallas report:

It's now days since the initial report. So why is a single horror site out of many, Dread Central (who chose not to embed Vuckovic and Pitt's tweets hinting at more widespread behavior in the community, yet embedded others denying knowledge of Donaghey's behavior) - the only to report?

(Then again - considering said site's history when it comes to discussing victims of assault, perhaps that question has already been answered.)

What about Fangoria, the company that worked extensively with Donaghey? Or Birth Movies Death, who faced their own controversy regarding an inability to handle those accused of sexual harassment? Or Blumhouse? Or Bloody Disgusting? Or the Los Angeles Times? The mainstream outlets singled out by Vuckovic in her post - Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline - have also stayed silent.

A widely-shared Medium article, which lumps Donaghey's behavior alongside that of Joe Bob Briggs (his current controversy is an article he wrote last summer, just unearthed on Twitter), is currently the only other piece written on this topic. And certainly, the concerns raised about Briggs and the hypocrisy highlighted within also deserve ample discussion.

But why have so many self-appointed voices of the horror community been silent on the issue of Donaghey and other predators? Why is every new case given no more than a week's worth of outrage on social media before it's forgotten entirely?

And at what point must we decide that the community's take on feminism could stand to grow past the 1970s ceiling of Final Girl movies - all still largely written (and directed, and produced) by men?

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Thoughts on Hollywood apparently taking its middle school yearbook's advice and never changing, even during this pandemic hellscape, ONTD?
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