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The View: Rahm Emanuel, Tamika Palmer, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny

Nobody says where Meghan is, but she was on twitter this afternoon whining about MAH FREEEDDOMMMS

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Dr Fauci testified to the Senate yesterday, spoke the truth as a scientist. TidePodTrump© attacked him, said dumb things. Nobody should listen to the man who looked at the eclipse and said inject UV light and disinfectant. Democrats have proposed another stimulus bill. TidePodTrump© said it will be dead on arrival. Russiapublicans want to help re-elect T45 but don’t want to help American citizens. T45 wants America to reopen under conditions that he refuses to live himself.

Hot Topic Rahm Emanuel

They talk about Obamagate. Everything T45 is doing and saying now is to cover up how he failed during the first 8 weeks (and continues to fail). RE outlines the litany of things that we could be getting done (job career re-training, transportation infrastructure), but T45 is too busy being jealous of Obama. Flynn lied. T45 is touchy when people dig into his relationship with Russia.

They talk about election and mail-in votes. Jared took time out from failing at everything else at life to say he wouldn’t rule out delaying the election. [The election can’t be delayed, stop the madness]. If T45 can mail-in his ballot to new residential state FL, then why can’t everyone else. We need to vote en masse so that it overwhelms and overcompensates for T45 and his suppression efforts. Russia this, China that. Dictators work in interesting ways.

They talk about Biden VP pick. Panel mentions Kamala but RE doesn't talk about any person. RE says there’s a shift from demographic alliances, example Clinton-Gore, to a new mold of a personal partnership. How should Biden adjust campaigning re/covid impacts. RE is fine with T45 vs T45 race, let him hang himself. It’s ok, for now, to let T45 be his own worst enemy. But Biden will need to change strategies when it gets closer to election.

Hot Topic Justice for Breonna Taylor

Her mom is Tamika Palmer and the attorney is Ben Crump

Covered a little bit on yesterday’s show. Breonna Taylor was an EMT and part time nurse when police stormed her home in the middle of the night. Her mom and atty joins. Breonna’s bf was also in the home. They called 911. Police first claimed they announced themselves then admitted they had a no-knock warrant and were in plain clothes not uniforms. Bf was a registered gun owner, shoots at door being opened by a battering ram. A hail of bullets, including into a neighbor’s apt, 8 bullets hit Breonna. Bf arrested for attempted murder, are black people not allowed 2nd amendment rights, plus KY is a Stand Your Ground state. Police thought they were making a narc bust. Police already had main suspect in custody, then raided the wrong home for accomplices. It’s been 2 mos but no one from police dept has reached out to her mom. [Her feed is bad, couldn’t really hear]. Neither Breonna nor her bf had any criminal history.

Ontd are you worried about your freedoms?

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