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The Maury Show is offering their services to Khloe and Tristan amongst Tristan’s paternity drama

The Maury Show poked fun about Tristan Thompson’s current paternity drama.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson sent a cease and desist letter to a woman who claims Tristan is the father of her child.

E! News reported that Khloe and Tristan’s lawyer, Marty Singer, sent the letter on Wednesday to Kimberly Alexander.

The letter asks Alexander to “immediately stop defaming them with malicious defamatory lies and specious fabrications" about a reported paternity claim.

Gossip site, Gossip of the City, posted alleged paperwork and correspondence about a possible paternity test that Tristan took in January 2020. There was also alleged screen caps of text messages between Tristan and Kimberly. And emails from Kimberly’s alleged former attorney Lisa Bloom.

Singer claims that Tristan took the paternity test and the results were negative. Kimberly wants Tristan to take the test again but Tristan wants the test to be performed in an AABB accredited lab. The previous test was allegedly done by LB Genetics, a facility specializing in paternity and DNA testing services.

Singer also claims that Lisa Bloom fired Alexander. There are alleged screen caps of emails stating that Bloom’s firm “was unable to resolve your claims" and could no longer represent her.

E! News reached out to Bloom but they declined to comment.

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