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ONTD Original: Ugliest Celebrity Tattoo Tournament - Thank Christ It's Over


ONTD, it is time for to end our misery and announce the winner, loser, ugliest tattoo in the Ugliest Celebrity Tattoo Tournament, but first, in light of the truly stunning amounts of ugly, irajaxon and I have taken the liberty of recognizing some of the tattoos that did not get their dues...

Un Certain Regard - Shia LaBeouf for ruining his perfectly adequate torso

because we certainly regard this tattoo as being specifically terrible

just look at this thing and say it doesn't deserve special recognition - jiyeung
That’s shit is horrible on so many levels. The concept. The juxtaposition of the word CREEPER and the art work. The fact that his bellybutton is a butthole of the person he tattooed  - jeff_koons

Special Jury Prize - Ed Sheeren for truly having no taste or sense of a concept

irajaxon and i tried to stage a coup in our own tournament for this affront all life on earth to win via write-in but alas
Ed Sheeran's entire body looks like a human coloring book with no thematic cohesion or design quality. Just awful - thespockingdead

At least Eds' ruined something already tragic - melancolour

Grand Prix - Cheryl's Shitty Ass

An icon of ONTD, irajaxon and i know how much this tattoo truly defines and defies ugliness for so many of you and so wanted to honour how appalling this shit is.

even though they are well drawn, they ruin her ass. Like I cannot imagine getting between those cheeks and feeling good about myself. - melancolour

Cheryl’s looks like a disease. I would say “burn it with fire” but it already looks like that soooo /shrug - umilicious

tekashi69's whole existence

honestly ONTD his tattoos and ugly, he is ugly, what he's done is ugly, fuck him he's not getting anything else from us

....and none for Ben Afflack

thank you ONTD again for participating in this tournament! thank you to jiyeung for suggesting shia get un certain regard and really sparking the idea. thanks as always to my partner in this tournament irajaxon, you're a real one.

ONTD, feel free to share your not ugly tattoos with us as a palette cleanser from all this ugliness
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