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Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings, allegedly sent lingerie to a 13-year-old boy

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Colleen Ballinger is the 33-year-old comedian behind the character Miranda Sings. But a 17-year-old boy* has come forward claiming that she took credit for material that he ghostwrote for her and that she sent him her friend's bra and panties when he was just 13.

James Charles is defending Ballinger, but others are turning on her.

There's a whole saga below the cut.

  • The boy met Ballinger in 2016, when he was just 13 and he was running fan accounts for her.

  • She began communicating with him. He believed that he was her "good friend."

  • She asked him to dig up gossip about her ex husband, her friends, and her fans.

  • As a result, he was targeted and dragged through the mud by various fans and haters. She never publicly stood up for him, despite encouraging him to do the stuff that prompted the hate. He was 13 or 14 at the time.

  • She allegedly told him lots of private information about her divorce... when he was only 13-14 years old.

  • He feels that she "baited" him by communicating with him and promising him a trip to America (he is Irish).

  • Ballinger and her friend Kory DeSoto found his Twitter when he sent in a comment during a livestream. They thought he was funny and they sent him the bra and panties that DeSoto was wearing over his clothes during the livestream.

  • Ballinger and DeSoto also jokingly speculated about how the 13-year-old's parents would react to receiving the bra and panties. (His parents were furious, but apparently did nothing. His mom even later allowed him to have lunch with her.)

  • In 2017, Ballinger realized that Miranda Sings was becoming stale, so she needed fresh ideas.

  • She asked him to supply her with memes, jokes, video ideas, and other content for her Twitter, Youtube, and other social media.

  • She hinted that she would make him an intern, but she never gave him any credit or paid him.

  • He gave her an idea for Miranda to post cryptic messages where she pretends to come out as gay, but actually "comes out" as a Meghan Trainor fan. (paging fka) But fans hated this and accused Ballinger of queerbaiting.

  • This is when Ballinger apparently turned on him.

Where the fuck are his parents though, for real

UPDATE: People have also dug up videos from a years ago where she pretends to be Latina and fat-shames a woman on a bus. There is also a video where she [warning: animal abuse]talks about how she pinched a dog when she was 3 or 4, which caused the dog to bite her. As a result, the dog was put down.

*His name and the video he made is available at the source and he is a popular-ish Youtuber, but I feel like I shouldn't post it since he is still a minor.

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