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Sandra Oh for Elle Canada

Sandra Oh was interviewed for the latest issue of Elle Canada.

  • On being famously choosy with her choices of roles: "I decided that I’m only going to play characters that are essential to the plot, that conduct the narrative and therefore can’t be cut out,”

  • The interviewer notes Sandra's charisma is off the charts, explaining how she charms everyone, especially the fashion team from Montreal when she switches to French to talk to them.

  • Greys Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes openly grieved when Sandra announced her exit from the show after ten seasons in 2014. She recalls Oh charging into her office every week, script filled with notes, asking countless questions about character motivation. "Sandra wanted to get it as right as she possibly could. She could elevate anything you wrote."

  • Sandra continues to be very upset Jodie Comer has the fashionable wardrobe on Killing Eve while she's stuck in bland clothes. She says the difference in fashion is intentional, with Eve's clothing subtly changing the closer she gets to Villanelle.

  • Sandra on her and Jodie's connection: "I have a very deep connection to her. When we come together, there’s a deep amount of trust. We’re pushing each other. We trust that space of alchemy between us. She’s really confident in her instincts, as I am in mine."

  • She has found herself more interested in playing characters which explores their race and isn't really into color-blind casting: "We don’t want to just have a person of colour acting the way a white person would act. Because they’re not!"

  • Now that Sandra is an 'older' actor with clout, she's focused on work and roles with more meaning.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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