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Emilia Clarke voices Royal College of Nursing video to celebrate International Nurses Day

RCN Ambassador, Emilia Clarke recites Michael Rosen’s poem ‘These are  the hands’, which was written for the 60th anniversary of the NHS in 2008.

In April 2018, Emilia was named the sole ambassador to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). As the RCN's ambassador, Emilia pledged to use her voice to  fight for greater investment in nursing and to challenge misconceptions.  she also pledged to join nurses and healthcare workers to tackle the  issues affecting the profession, including a falling number in training  and shortages in the current workforce.

Emilia said: ‘I have joined nurses in celebrating this day and their work for  several years. Today will be very different, to reflect the pressures  and risks they are running so that we can all stay safe. The public’s  gratitude is immense and, like everybody, I want to share a heartfelt  thank you.’

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