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ONTD Original: Top 10 Best crossovers seen on TV. (And 5 worst)

So, who doesn't love a Crossover? Different universes and characters meeting each other. It's great! So, let's take a look at the best crossovers seen on TV.

10. Power Rangers in Space / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Boom, directly on your 90´s kid nostalgia and Saban Entertainment's attempt to take your money. It was still fun to see both words collide.

[9 more crossovers...]9. Friends / Mad About You
Lisa Kudrow had a recurring job in Mad About You, so when she was cast on Friends, they decided to give Ursula a twin sister, and that's how the crossover happened. The Mad About You appeared on Central Perk one day.

8. Scandal / How To Get Away With Murder
Annalise teamed up with Olivia to work up a class action regarding the mass incarceration of black people in the United States, and take's Nate's dad case to the Supreme Court.

7. Jimmy Neutron / The Fairly Odd Parents
They've actually cross over many times but the first time we saw the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour was because Timmy wished that he could be sent to the best laboratory in any universe so Cosmo and Wanda send him to Jimmy Neutron's lab.

6. Family Guy / The Simpsons
Every college dude nearly had an orgasm when Family Guy cross over to The Simpsons. When Peter gets annoyed by an unfunny comic strip, he decides to draw his own. His art is a hit at first, but when he offends women with his strip and the Internet turns against him, he flees to Springfield.

5. The Flintstones / The Jetsons
Elroy buildt a Time Machine and that's how they went to the past and met the Simpsons, it's an importante milestone since the concept of crossover existed before, but no primetime network tv show had attempted it before this one in the 80s.

4. Doctor Who / Torchwood / The Sarah Jane Adventures
To close his fourth regular season and the last one on his show, David Tennant and Russell T. Davies plotted a Crossover that featured the return of all the New Who companions and a crossover with it's spin-off shows.

3. Archer / Bob's Burgers
Several connections exist between Archer and Bob's Burgers, the most obvious of which being the Archer Season 4 premiere. In it, the restaurant itself is featured along with the primary members of the Belcher family as more realistically stylized "Archer versions" with an amnesic Sterling Archer as Bob Belcher. Both Archer and Bob are voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

Bonus: The Archer/Kingsman crossover. Too bad they couldn't get Taron Egerton.

2. Supernatural / Scooby Doo
Ok, listen to me first. They both hunt monsters, they both have monster of the week thing, they're both super campy and hilarious as fuck. And ScoobyNatural ended up being a super entertaining hour, and one of the best episodes of Supernatural.

1. Arrow / Supergirl / The Flash / DC's Legends of Tomorrow / Batwoman / Black Lightning / Smallville / Batman The Animated Series / Birds of Prey / Lucifer / Batman (1966) / Titans / The Flash (1990) / Superman Returns / Stargirl / Doom Patrol / Swamp Thing / Green Lantern / Justice League (film)
After many years The CW managed to pull it's biggest crossover connecting almost every single DC show and movie in existence, and killing his lead character in the way. Even managing to include the Cinematic DCU and have known fan-beater Ezra Miller, which is a major thing for the 5th broadcast network.


[5 worst crossovers.]
Two and a Half Men / Dharma & Greg.
The first episode of TAAHM without Charlie Sheen had a lot of guest stars, one of them were Dharma & Greg, but it sucked since both of them were pretty loving to each other during the original series, so seeing them fight didn't really seemed like the characters from the original show.

Bones / Sleepy Hollow
Forced as hell. Both couples met for a special Halloween crossover episode that people hated.

Cops / The X-Files
I mean....just read the title.

The Avengers / Phineas and Ferb
While The Avengers may not be the most serious and grown up show, Phineas and Ferb just didn't work out with them, even if some puns we're appreciated.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch / Boys Meets World / Teen Angel / You Wish
To promote it's new TGIF shows, ABC had Salem and Sabrina crossover to all the shows of the night as Salem time traveled to other eras. It seemed a bit forced and 'You Wish' and 'Teen Angel' got cancelled pretty quickly.

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ONTD, what's your favorite TV Crossover?
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