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The View: Wanda Cooper Jones, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

VP Pence is self isolation because Vampire Miller’s wife Katie, who is Pence press secretary, tested positive for virus. WH staffers and press are afraid to go to work. Everybody else is supposed to get back to work but the WH themselves are contaminated, and they’re not adhering to their own guidelines. They don’t wear masks, they don’t socially distance. Sunny rattles off a long list of WH or WH-adjacent people who have tested positive. 80K people have died but T45 is speed-tweeting every day all day about Obamagate. Meghan says things. Whoopi explains the United flight that was packed, they were all doctors who were on they way back to their states, who had been in NY helping. Joy clarifies Chris Cuomo was still on his own property, not roaming about, when he had a tiff with a neighbor.

Hot Topic Dallas Salon Lady Who Wants to Die Also Lied

Salon Lady is a Tr/mper who claims to not understand the difference between her salon vs other businesses considered essential. She had originally claimed she had to `feed her kids` but she lied. She received PPP, then reopened anyway, defying state order, then refused to apologize to avoid jail time. Her excuse about having already received $18K PPP but still defying state order anyway was the stupidest thing ever. [The application for the money explained what the money was to be used for bloop].

Hot Topic Ahmaud Abery’s Mom Wanda Cooper Jones

Wanda Cooper Jones was joined with her attorney. WCJ explains the sequence of events and how she found out. She was told he was involved in a burglary, and was confronted by the homeowner [all of which was a lie]. She believed it at first, didn’t think she’d be lied to by the investigator. Initially the perpetrators weren’t arrested because it allegedly fell under GA Citizen’s Arrest statute [also a lie]. They talk about the video, everything was retroactive to justify their actions. The backlash didn’t occur until the video went viral. The defense attorney thought the violent video would exonerate his clients. The video was taken by a neighbor, a friend of the perpetrators, and he’s also under investigation by GBI and expected to be arrested this week. Neighbor claimed he was randomly out driving around, also a lie. WCJ has a sense of hope now that the two main perpetrators were arrested and the GBI [and FBI*] are involved.

A second video prior to the confrontation [tame no violence] released over the weekend, shows a man who looks like Arbery approach the property under construction, have a look around, then leave empty-handed. Racists think it justifies Arbery being chased and murdered, but it backfired too, because the actual homeowner didn’t have a problem and never complained. Atty says it’s a beachfront home, a common jogging route, people check out the properties under construction all the time with no incident. WCJ says she’s appreciative of the outpouring of support. Atty talks about more details regarding the charges, including the third suspect who took the video.

*DOJ released a statement later today that the FBI will be involved in the investigation, including reviewing it as a hate crime.

Hot Topic RIP to 5 Icons Plus Happy Mothers Day

Whew. RIP Little Richard, Andre Harrell, Betty Wright, Roy Horn, Jerry Stiller. So many icons of their respective fields. Also Whoopi’s daughter’s birthday and there was a twerking contest and no parent should ever watch their child do that. Plus Happy Mothers Day. Joy talks about her family day. Sunny talks about her day. Upcoming mom Meghan watched a RHOA reunion and it was amazing. Lol.

Ontd did you do anything special for Mothers Day?

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