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ontd original: the best animal crossing villagers by species*

Take some time from hitting rocks to read this post!


Some species aren't mentioned - Bulls, Ostriches, the sparrow-like birds, Kangaroos - Because there are no good ones. Sorry, I make the rules.

Drago the alligator is a little weird looking, I give you that. But he is based off of an Eastern Dragon.

Most frogs suck, but RIBBOT is a robot frog, and that's badass.

I'm just kidding I hate this fucker.

Coco is continually shocked at everything. Her expression doesn't change. She is based off of haniwa.

Maelle is apparently one of the villagers you could have found on the Island in the Gamecube game. She is by far the nicest duck. The rest look weird.

Mott just likes a nerd, but he's apparently a jock character. Probably says 'name every comic Deadpool was in' all day.

I was going to pick Tutu but Klaus is a damn GREECIAN DRESSED BEAR. HE IS GOING TO THE OLYMPICS!

Deli has a nice smile and matching colors!

Piper is...a dove? I don't know, but the aesthetic is great.

Love Agnes' frown. Same.

Shit I picked two bears...uh, this is Pekoe and I love her ears.

The koalas were hard. I was going to go with Canberra bc I love her giant eyes. But Yuka's color scheme is nice.

Dobie is clearly smart enough to know about the financial inequalites plaguing the younger villagers and doesn't bitch about bootstraps.

I was torn between like 3 squirrels (Hazel and Tasha and) but I'm biased bc Static is my favorite villager period.

Frown Queen Ankha. I consider her a matching set with Lucky the dog.

Becky with the good color scheme.

He is based off of Dogū, and looks like a friendly fellow.

Greta looks like your grandmother with plastic on all of the furniture who listens to music a grammophone.

Hopper is based off of a rockhopper penguin. Surf's Up!

It's a fucking unicorn. Julian is cool. He was either the first or second most Popular Villager in New Leaf, I believe, second only to Marshall the squirrel.

Marina the octopus. How does she live out of water. I wonder if her New Horizons chatter references Splatoon.

Goth Queen Muffy.

If Animal Crossing existed in the 60s, Naomi would be the mascot.

Olaf's catchphrase is 'Wiffa' and that's awesome.

I was going to pick Bones but A) Marcel is a mime dog, and B) Birthday Twins!

Bonus: Serena, the Spirit of the Fountain in City Folk. You paid money and threw your axe in.

There are a lot of characters with darker fur with pops of turquoise. I love it. This is Pashmina. She's the only goat outside of Shep who doesn't look horrendous.

I was going to pick Merengue but this is Rhonda and she is not here for your shit.

Yes another historical animal in Sterling the Eagle.

I was going to pick Opal the elephant but come on. Tia is a teapot elephant.

Zelle's funky face pattern and horns make him cool. His eyes, not so much.

Who is in your town?
source: Nookipedia for the image, Nintendo for the characters
Tags: computer / video games, ontd original
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