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Amanda Seales calls out Justin Timberlake for disabling comments on his Ahmaud Arbery post

Insecure actress Amanda Seales called out Justin Timberlake yesterday for his post regarding Ahmaud Arbery. On Instagram, she posted a video singing to all the white celebrities, beginning with "This goes out to all the white celebrities… I turned off my comments because I got tired of arguing with racists. But you know what? It’s your turn.”

Turn on the comments
Let them talk to you
It's time for y'all to see
who's been following you
They gonna show you
Show you true colors
Confederate Karen
and her husband, red-faced Ken

See, you ain't down
just cause you posted a jpeg, baby
Let them do the same thing to you
that they do to us on the daily
You use our rhythm,
now come get a taste of our blues

Turn on the comments,
then get nosy...
Scroll through and tell me what you see
A whole lotta racists
A whole lotta privilege
Saying "I don't see color"
over and over and over and overrrrr again
It's the bitter smell of strange fruit in their head

The movement is now
and we need you need you need you right here
Turn 'em on!
I say, turn 'em on!
You wanna be down
Well let's see what you about
We reset color, that's right
Put it on the floor
Talk to them, let them know
Y'all on some bullshit out here
"You buy my album but you're not even realizing
that I'm doing black music and I'm doing black things"
Turn on the comments
If you're really about it

This is in response to Timberlake's post featuring a black and white photo of Arbery smiling and a caption that read, “If you’re not outraged, you should be. Justice for #AhmaudArbery.” He turned off the comments for the post. All of his other posts have comments enabled.

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Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, celebrity reactions, justin timberlake, music / musician, race / racism, television - hbo, violence / domestic abuse
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